July 20, 2011


I have a serious crow situation in my backyard, aka, wooded nature preserve, aka, crow holler. They are "cawing" early morning, morning,  noon, evening.  When I say early, its 5 a.m. people; I don't get up that early unless there is a good reason for it.  Let it be known, I am not a morning person. It takes me a good half hour to fully adjust after my alarm goes off at 6. I'm also a very light sleeper. These crows are robbing me of an hour of sleep! This makes me consider a trip to the 24 hour Wal-Mart to buy a rifle.

Last year, we were dive bombed by a Red-Tailed Hawk every time we went outside. I thought my children would be carried away, or at least lose a limb. These birds are taking over!

Bird wars. Crow gangs. Single Mom vs. Crows. Crowmageddon.

They must be reproducing at an alarming rate. It gets worse as the days go on.  As I was writing this post, I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to video the "crow song" for all you dear readers, so you could see that I am not exaggerating {this time}. Might I add that it was also sweltering outside {112 degree heat index}.

The Drama Queen also makes a surprise appearance near the end. Although she is anything but dramatic here. Must be her low blood sugar.  Or that I won't let her complete her second question, {about Pillow Pets mind you}.

Let me know if I can stay with any of you until this crow situation is taken care of.

Oh, and don't tell me to build a scarecrow.  Unless you have a scarecrow and this works, then I might consider it.


  1. Oh my! That would drive me up the wall!! Girl I have a spare bedroom with your name written all over it! Crow free too.:-D They are bad at my parents and by our house, but we have dogs so they don't linger very long, lol. My parents don't have a dog, and they have feeders all over the yard, the crows chase the pretty song birds away and drain the feeders in like an hour. Ridiculous. If you get any good tips let me know so I can pass them along! :-)

  2. Oh and DQ is adorable!!! I love her thoughts on why the crows are so loud, haha, too funny!!

  3. Team Audrey! I think what you really have is a WORM problem. Get rid of all the worms and you'll solve the crow problem. giggle giggle! There's plenty of room in Ohio! Love ya!

  4. You know, this started out really Blair Witchy. I was seriously thinking you were going to start sobbing into the camera.

    DQ is pretty much a genius. I think the crows are talking too and they're trying to tell you something. Like clean your room.

    Btw...i just recently took the carry and conceal class. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to shoot crows now.

  5. Christina aka Crow Killa...I just love you! And yes, the fact that I even video myself looking like that is Blair witch enough; even without the creepy backwooded yard. Those suckers are huge, no lie. They do scare me. I'm seriously never going to get a date again if I keep this up!

    If it's less humid in Michigan and Ohio, I'm packing my bags until fall. Seriously, this is why I don't mind winter.

  6. those suckers are everywhere. i see them ALL the time too!

  7. You've got a serious crow problem there. I hope they wreak havoc someplace else. You need your precious shut eye.

  8. Heavens, are you sure they're not the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz? Those are awful and should migrate back to hell. Audrey, however, is a bucket full of cuteness.

  9. I watched the vlog! I love the look on your face when the crows start squawking. I have to say, you're a much better mother than I am. I wouldn't have let the cute little blond kid steal my spotlight! :) She's a doll. I love how serious she was when she was telling you why the crows might be there. I say get a gun and recreate the wedding scene in Steel Magnolias when the dad shoots at all the birds in the backyard.


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