July 30, 2011

Monsoons, Boy Bands, and Bruises

Mrs. K., Me & J-Dawg
First I must say, my girl’s night out ranks in the top ten best nights of my life! There was drunkenness, injury, slight law breaking {unknowingly}, laughter and nostalgia.

 This was one of those full circle moments in my life. Here's a little back-story for you. These two girls pictured here, I love them. They are pretty much my sisters. Our parents are best friends, so we've know each other since our Mom's were drinking and smoking with us in utero {maybe that's true, pretty sure it is}. It would explain a lot. So "Mrs. K." on my right, your left, or Blondie...was my very BFF and pen-pal for years! She lived in the dairy country, and I lived in the Deep South, but we were tight.   We also got to see each other a few times a year...and, and, and, were mildly to alarmingly obsessed with the boy band, New Kids on the Block. And 20something years ago, we attended an NKOTB concert together. And once again a few weekends ago. Mrs. K. being the glorious pack rat she is, pulled all her old NKOTB posters out from the attic and decorated her house top to bottom.  Love.  Her hubs also chose to stay at a hotel that night.  Wonder why?  Probably for the best he didn't see our shenanigans.  I couldn't dream of going to a throwback concert with any other ladies, but these. And here's the best part, now 20 something years later, we all live within miles of each other. Soul sisters. Oh, and we're not the only crazy ones, that place was SOLD OUT, mind you.

This night of nostalgia had been building for months! Oh, the plans we had, then didn't. Like the replica posters we were going to reproduce to look exactly like the ones from 1980-something with 5 gallons of glitter. Squashed, by monsoon. Of course, it was not just raining for the entire day, it was pouring! And we had to do some walking; an umbrella wasn't going to keep you dry from the side pour. We re-organized our energies in how to be-dazzle rain boots. And then there were the inevitable wardrobe re-vamps. Sundress+strappy sandal+ monsoon=disaster. Jeans and tank top it was but not without these beauties....
Orange leggings, Debbie, I heart you.  My vintage sequined pumps circa 1990's prom,
which you couldn't entirely see unless I tight-rolled my jeans, 80's style. 
I pulled them out special for such an occasion, never again.  Blisters, whoa, I went shoe-less
during concert and walked home barefoot.  Yes, I know, let's move on shall we?

I don't think anyone will ever take me seriously on this blog ever again, but you only live once people...have some fun!  We were also going to be-dazzle and puffy paint some matching t-shirts, but life gets in the way, and that just didn't happen. The recon plans to stalk NKOTB's precise location and hunt them down post party...wait, uh, no. Besides if we were any kind of good stalkers we would have known they were signing autographs at Best Buy that day. Stalker. Fail. What were we doing at 2 o'clock in the afternoon before a 7pm show? Well, let's just say we had the music too loud, were eating a delicious spread of food, and having some celebratory cocktails.

Let me expand on the cocktail portion for a moment. I am a cheap date. Two drinks are about all can handle without going buck wild or passing out. I'm pretty sure the last time I drank like this, there was a child conceived.  I do not know how I survived this day. There was champagne, oh way too much of that!

Sidebar: I forgot to mention that Mrs. K. is the Martha to my Stewart. I can't very well deny her homemade delicious libations of peach and pomegranate, ginger and cinnamon. Of course she makes all these cocktails additives from scratch! Like the homemade Sangria, that probably put me over the edge. Was either that, or the freshly squeezed lemon drop shot. We don't play around people. We're fancy and stuff. We share a love of food, baking, cooking and trying new things, and maybe dissecting recipes. We are currently in a fierce rock, paper, scissors battle to see who will quit their full-time job and go undercover at the local bakery to steal the Passion Fruit Torte recipe. How can something be so good without chocolate? But we know we'd need an immediate membership to Jenny Craig upon employment.

Now on the topic of food, I deviate again. On the gourmet food spread, I had my first encounter with Raspberry cheese. I am going to commit to doing an entire post on this, and my addiction to black cardigans; seriously, someone cut me off. No joke.

There were four of us girls total. The pic below is of my sweet friend Debbie Gibson, for real, she is spot on, and a riot! So we all channeled our inner 80's a little bit. The fish net 80's gloves in fluorescent colors, the beads, the high hair, the shoes, the leggings. I had totally planned to rock a funktified side ponytail and use a CRIMPER! Oh, the awesome-ness leaves me breathless. However, considering the monsoon-ish conditions and that my hair can only be described as "Whack" in 80's speak, humidity would've ruined it as soon as a stepped out the door. It was just best that I tied that junk up so the people behind me at the arena could see over me and my rock band hair. There is always next time, but boo-hoo.

Me & Debbie Gibson, alarming that I barely remember
this train ride to the concert.

Before Bieber.  Before Justin.
There was Joe.

Look at this sad sight above.  Note, this pose wasn't my idea, I don't think, I can't recall, but you might notice a drinky-poo in my hand.  Just sayin', don't judge.  The girls reminded me that I out of the group was the "single girl".  Imagine that, and like I need reminding.  However, I then reminded them, before they went on the prowl for any eligible bachelors, that this concert was probably not the place to meet Mr. Right, or even Mr. Straight for that matter.  And I was in no condition to be meeting my future ex-husband, let alone be talking, period.

But I did meet some new friends.  {Oh my gosh, this post is long}  The girls in front of us at the concert were AWESOME.  I loved them immediately!  One of my favorite moments, that I can remember, was when one of the girls turned around in front of me, grabbed my hand, and yelled, "he's looking right at me!"  Totally.  Super-bolistic and stuff.  I said that very thing when I was twelve.  And I'm pretty sure he was looking at me, and she was mistaken; but I let it slide as I didn't feel it was an appropriate time for a throw down.

It's funny how the dimming of the arena lights and some fancy stage fireworks can switch you from slightly toasted drunk mother of two, to twelve year old girl in an instant.  Sing?  Yes.  Dance?  Of course.  Scream like a teeny-bopper?  Naturally.  Moments of my youth raced back to me, memories of that concert 23 years ago with the same friend who stood beside me washed over me.  We remembered every word to every song like it was yesterday. We were Hangin' Tough.

After the concert the concert Gods smiled down on our drunk asses.  We somehow escaped via the elevator and caught the first train out of dodge...on a weekend schedule!  This is miraculous, especially since the Twins game had just let out across the street.  Although, in our haste to board the closing doors of the train, we forgot to buy a ticket.  Guilt stricken we were.  I'll buy two next time.  We're rebels see. 

The bruises, well we all had them on our knees and shins from bumping into the seats in front of us.  What can I say?  We had to get our groove on.

Thanks  Mrs. K., J-Dawg, and Debbie for an unforgettable night.  "I'll be lovin' you forever"....until Boston.

Better with age?  Why yes.


  1. OMG Awesome. I'm totally gonna tight roll my pants like that Monday for work. I'm so jealous you saw NKOTB and you know what else? I don't care what anyone says they are all still HAWT!

    Okay, taking my old ass to sleep now. Great post!

  2. I am so jealous! I love your stalker fail - that would be me. One time we found the back exit after a concert to wait it out by the tour bus - only to find out the band made the rounds for an hour out front.

  3. Oh my, too funny!! I will admit NKOTB was my first real concert, hahaha. Oh I had shirts and posters galore! Oh how I wish I could have been there for this, sounds like it was a fantastic night!!!

  4. The next time they come to town, we're all going!!! Angel, that means a little road trip for you, but I'll make it worth your while and you can stay with me...but then I probably won't let you leave. So, yeah. But I won't keep you locked up like in that movie Misery, it will be way more fun.

    Christina, I have never wished for a scrunchie so badly in my life. Like don't you always have a million floating around, and then nothing when you actually need one. Tight roll on. Although it's a little tricky with the boot leg jeans these days, but it was like riding a bike.

    And what's up with my NKOTB picture not loading...hmmm, off to find a new one.

  5. I used to adore NKOTB! I remember ogling their posters on 16 magazine :). Reading your posts never fails to bring a smile to my face. Oh, and the big hairsprayed hair! That's a testament to my youth.


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