July 19, 2011

Post It Note Tuesday: What Happened?

I used to be very religious about doing my Post It Note Tuesday Posts, then I got lazy, and just stopped. That's really no excuse. Okay, not promising every week, but as often as I can I will link up with Kristin over at the OPC. Besides, I have to support her, she's a Minnesota Mom Blogger. This does now make the tally officially 3 Minnesota single Moms nominated for that Top 25 Best Single Mom Blogs thing a little while back. What can I say, we're brilliant and we're stuck indoors a lot.

So I'm attempting to piece together a timeline from my super fabulous kid-free girl's weekend. This is not an easy task, the piecing. So I will offer you some of what I do remember in the PINT. Things heard amongst us as we all dragged ourselves out of bed in the morning and assessed the damages.

Yes, I know very boring.  It gives me a headache just typing it.  Someday I'll get that post up, as soon as I retrace my steps utilizing my drunk texts and phone calls.

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  1. And this is why I very rarely go out drinking with my friends=)

  2. sounds like a good night to me. here's hoping there's no foot hepatitis! :)

  3. Another Minnesota mom. That's cuz we're smokkkkinnn. (Gonna check her out.)

    How did I not know he was married..

    You know it's a good night when you're worried about foot hepatitis.

  4. @Bethany- ME TOO! I don't really drink all that much because I hate being hungover more than drinking...blech. It was worth it though:)

    @Cam-Right? Pretty sure we were still drunk that morning. I do hope I don't have foot hepatitis, it wouldn't be good. And there is probably no cure seeing as I'm the first and only case.

    @Christina- So true, so true. Kristin is awesome and even does cool things with her kids like drives them cross country on "vacation"! Don't hold it against her, she's super nice.

    Thank the LORD, foot hepatitis is the only thing I have to worry about:)

    I vlogged today, spur of the moment decision. Posting tomorrow.

    KRISTIN- Sorry your cute PINT banner thing isn't pasting correctly in my post, I did try twice. We'll blame it on blogger:)

  5. I can't wait to hear about your night out! I kept wondering about your exfoliation and hoping you had fun. I started an email to you and then I got side tracked by a toddler... just know I was thinking about you.

  6. I love these! And, that Mr. Darcy. Sounds like you had some well-deserved fun.

  7. Hahahaha That is Post-it-note gold! I have SO had those mornings! I am so glad you got out and had a good time! Hope you don't get foot hepatitis, that would be tragic. :-P Off to read your Crowmageddon post, we have the same problem at our house, hate em!



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