July 28, 2011

Ultimate Power, Mind-control and 'Cuz I Said So

Going to be straight with you friends.  I. am. terrified.  Today, I am doing my very first guest post!  Right?  I know.  Now, do me a big 'ol favor and click over there for any of the reasons below....{I will be comment counting and holding grudges for those of you who don't follow direction.}

1.  To find out who is crazy enough to allow me to post my crap on their blog. Here.

2.  To find out what in Pete's name I wrote about, and if I will reveal some life-long secret?  CLICK.

3.  Because I said so. 

4.  Do it, do it, now.

5.  I told you go

 I am counting to three!  The Caffeinated Autism Mom and I are hanging out today.


  1. Bravo! Well done! Great job! I am so happy to have you as the very special first guest blogger at Caffeinated Autism Mom and I can't wait to have you back. Seriously. Start writing. Now. ;-)


  2. That Jedi Mind trick you played on me made me not only visit Caffeinated Autism Mom's blog (great blog, btw) but she did it too when she said "go visit Bubble Gum on My Shoe". So now here I am back at your blog which says to go visit hers...this is so much the opposite of when men tell me to do something.

    Btw....just figured out another reason I'm single.

  3. Thanks Angela, you are pretty much the greatest! I so enjoyed it! I would be honored to write again for you. You're one brave soul allowing my crazy into your piece of the world.

    Christina- I'm just that good. When I wrote the title, I didn't even think it through, just put something sort of interesting so people would read it:) Good to know I have Jedi power, perhaps I should attend a convention? Might meet a guy! On second thought, no. Hee hee, my why I'm single list gets longer by the day and I see no signs of it slowing. We can be roomies after the girls go to college!! (I'm going to call you, prepare yourself!)

  4. I'll check out your guest post on a while. Am going to fix dinner for my kid and me first. I feel the urge to pee from all the excitement of reading your guest post :)

  5. I have that affect on people.


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