August 16, 2011

God Save The Queen!

I think I'm going to rename my blog, God Save the Queen.  That's me the Queen.

Because I need all the help I can get really. I just leaned back in my office chair and completely toppled over. Yes, I also can't stop laughing about it, and said to myself, "God save the Queen". I completely blame it on the Benadryl and the 1 jillion milligrams of vitamin C I'm taking, because those little nephews of mine got me sick. I am willing myself to get better. But if I get strep throat, I WILL NOT be getting them what they want for Christmas. Totally kidding, I will, I'm not a good patient, I don't like being sick, as you can see...very crabby.  I brought it upon myself with all the hugging and kissing I forced on them.

 I think the save the Queen reference is stuck in my brain because I just watched The King's Speech, which was EXCELLENT! But basically anything with Colin Firth is excellent, and it's nice to see that he is spreading his wings as an actor and not actually in something where he is a character named, Mr. Darcy. Although, he's a great Mr. Darcy, no matter what time period.

 So that's pretty much it, I'm going to go back to bed now. Someone should take this blog away from me.  Everything's fuzzy, and it's getting dark.
God save the Queen!


  1. The thought of you tumbling backward is so dang funny! Sorry! Especially, when I first read it and thought you were at work! OMG! Feel better funny lady!

  2. LMAO! OMG get to bed right now and don't come back out until you're sober =P

  3. I thought you were at work too at first! Hilarious... poor drugged mommy... eerr I mean queen. :)

  4. I loved that movie. And there is no other Mr. Darcy. Evar.

    Whiskey knocks everything out. So I've heard. Not that I drink it often or anything. My advice though is that you do not sit in your obviously faulty chair while sippin whiskey.

    Yes, I said sippin whiskey.

    Get better soon.

  5. Seems the meds are starting to kick in :)

    Now that you've mentioned it, I just might check out The King's Speech.

    I know what you need to feel better... a real-life Mr. Darcy!

    Seriously, I hope you get better soon.

  6. I know right! This is why I had to share with you. I'm not the most, shall we say, graceful.

    Oh geez, if I'd been at work, I'd have never lived it down. Although I did slam my head into a cabinet once there...when I was bending down to pick something up. Thought I might have sustained head injuries from that one, it involved paramedics. I think I would've rather died there on the spot than have to explain to cute paramedic dude how I cracked my skull open all by my lonesome and not from some midday throw-down with an unruly customer. You see, never a dull moment.

    Christina, YES, faulty indeed. Maybe you just want to use your new fancy tools? And sippin' whiskey does sound like the best option, as opposed to guzzling, shooting, or gulping.

    Pepper & Christina, yes only one Mr. Darcy in my book, didn't like the new one as much with what's his name and what's her name pirate movie girl.

    I better get off the computer, feeling dizzy again.

  7. Ah yes, Mr. Darcy. I thought I was the only one who loved him in that miniseries. I OWN that DVD set. Now I feel like watching it right now!

  8. I love that - God Save the Queen! I recently discovered another greatly named blog called "Queen of Spain" because the author had written something that people had disagreed with, and one commenter said to her "who do you think you are, the queen of Spain?" Great way to get a blog name!

  9. I hope her royal highness is feeling better. Tut tut.

  10. Salt/G., On my way over, I will bring the popcorn!

    I am feeling a little bit better, I'd probably heal faster if I had servants to go with my title.

    I also think I might have that brain-eating amoeba thing going around.

  11. Get well soon Cari..have enough rest ok and don't worry much..your still pretty :)

    passing by from Peppers site..Cari..gud nyt :)

  12. So sorry that you're sick. Rest, rest, and then rest some more.

    I have a confession. After much moaning and groaning on my husband's part last week, we rented The King's Speech. Two minutes into it, my hubs fled from the room because he's cultured like that.

    So I snuggled up by myself to watch it and fell ASLEEP! This is no indication of anything. I fall asleep at everything. But before I dozed off, I was loving it. Now, here's the sucky part. I certainly couldn't tell my husband I fell asleep, because he would have gotten all smug with an I told you so attitude. So, when he asked me about it the next morning, I raved about it.

    And then of course, he took it back to the video store since he was never going to watch it. Anytime I lie, I get screwed over like that.

    I can't wait to watch the rest of it. Someday.

  13. hilarious!! I hope you're feeling much better now.


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