August 25, 2011

Tell Me Your Secret Kid

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, my 9 year old nephew, the Entertainer, is a borderline manipulator genius.  Grandma paid the Entertainer $20 to shovel, or pick up, some rocks out of a small rock bed.  Oh, 5 minutes into the task, the Entertainer took a 3 day break citing "back pain".  During the said break, I also took the Entertainer to Legoland, where he spent the moola {and maybe I bought his cute lil' self something, no matter}.  The day before their  departure back to California, questions where raised about the remaining hundred rocks in the rock bed, and the lack of services for fees paid. 

There was talk of lawyers, law suits, almost a throw-down, it was madness!  {Totally not}  So the Entertainer begrudgingly went out to do the dirty work, evil-eyed, and temperamental.  We decided to roast some Smores first, for energy, sustenance and such. 

I caught the aftermath on film, as you'll notice, people started chipping in, but one person never seems to be working.  How'd he do that?  Yup, we're suckers.
First, he rounded up the little kids minions.  The
boy brought over the John Deere to help, note the
blue-shirted Entertainer "managing"

Still "managing", now his Mom and other Auntie's
boyfriend are in the mix, uh, still managing.

Another Auntie joins the group, looks as if the Entertainer
is working, most likely just directing, he's not afraid of

When my sister is writing his term paper for 11th grade English, I'll pull out this post and re-name it, "Exhibit A".


  1. Is he aware there is a vacancy at Apple? Maybe someone should write and submit his resume.

  2. Pick up rocks or tell other people how to do it. I'd say the Entertainer is pretty much a genius. The world needs workers AND managers. Just fact.

    I'd be far less organized and a whole lot drunker if I didn't have a 7 year old managing me for sure.

  3. He seems to be more competent than our project manager.

  4. Brilliant and Hilarious!

    My daughter is the master manipulator too. I don't like when she tries to pull her skills on me.. but, I do give her props for her efforts.

  5. The kid's got future politician written all over him.

  6. um, the kid is a genius and an entrepreneur in the making! can't be mad at that! Heck, I'm taking notes. :)

  7. wheeew.. a future Lawyer/Businessman/Politician very nice to see children have they future working even though they're still young.. :)

  8. wheewww.. future Lawyer/Businessman/Politician. it's nice to see children in their young age will have a great future waiting for them.. :) nice post you have it.. :)

  9. i am still the Anonymous up their. forgot to put my name and link so it doubled.. sorry!!

  10. Yes, the brilliance runs in the family. However, my kid was sticking rocks up his nose...

    No doubt great things for him when he grows up, I'll be putting him in my retirement plan; he'll be taking care of his "old crazy Auntie".


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