August 08, 2011

You Can't Teach Funny

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Boo, what?

Boo who, sweetie, say boo who. This is me trying to teach my Autistic son how to participate in the art of the knock-knock joke. Senseless belly-laughing knock-knock joke telling is a phase every four year old goes through. The boy doesn't get it. Most often times he doesn't get jokes per se, and just ends up laughing because he sees someone else laughing. Physical comedy does not apply here, he gets that. But the whole Q & A part of the knock-knock is tripping him up. I never thought I'd long to hear a few hundred more insanely ridiculous knock-knock jokes, but it will come.

Now in the boy's defense; he is the Autism class clown. I do not know where he gets this. We're pretty serious here at the Bubble Gum house, almost militant if you will. Or maybe not. Our house is always full of laughter and cracking up, so I suppose he could just be scripting it? Oh no, I might have the only kid with Autism who is seriously funny. Or at least out of the six kids in his class. {Oftentimes kids with Autism are hilarious because they are so literal.} Is it bad that I'm more proud of that, than him learning to ride a bike or write his name?
Meh...handwriting is overrated, make your X, and let's get on with it.
Here is a taste of the boy's humor...
Scene looks like this: boy, Drama Queen and I playing with My Little Pony Houses {shaped like teapots, cupcakes, and rainbows}, Drama Queen's residents are well, ponies, the boys...matchbox cars. I am sitting on the floor with them, my Pony is house in the hood outskirts, and I house the resident ocean animals, and the pony dubbed "tripod" because she's missing a leg. Boy stops playing, takes the cars out the house and says, "Nah, not this house, it's too peanuts."
Okay, seriously that makes no sense, but I can't resist cracking up. When he sees me laughing, he naturally, in Bubble Gum gene fashion, plays to the crowd. Must be from his Father's side.
He then begins his little side to side dance in his under-roos, singing, "corndogs, corndogs!"

Yeah, I don't know either, but I find it amusing.
And there you have it. I'm happy to report when there is no hellacious screaming in the household; it's filled with laughter.  That's good enough for me.


  1. This was hilarious. We have the tripod pony too I think.

    Your son's jokes are funny. My daughter's jokes don't make any sense. Her sense of humor is too peanuts.

    Corndogs, corndogs,


    *Tell your son I'm totally stealing his jokes.

  2. I get it!!!! "PEANUTS!!!" "CORNDOGS!!!" Comical Genius! :) Love me some little boy humor. It sounds like my son at his age as well :)

  3. I would say that a happy home has "corndog" dances and "peanuts" galore! Hugs to you all today!

  4. Sometimes I think I am too peanuts! Your little boy is funny. I can almost imagine him doing his side-to-side dance :)
    That dance would be perfect for "Hanging Tough" :)

  5. See, I totally get your son's humor. Who doesn't love a corn dog dance especially while in your under-roos.

    A happy home is the best kind of home. We have a house filled with laughter, too, and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

  6. Oh but you are teaching him something so much more wonderful than funny... joy. This makes my heart happy.

  7. Boo, what? Works for me :-)

  8. Clearly it's been too long since I've visited! Your site looks great! As for teaching funny, unfortunately that's true and I'm living proof. Have to agree with boy though, girl houses are peanuts!


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