September 14, 2011

And Now, A Love Letter...Sort of

I warned you I was going to post on this....Cheese.  Raspberry Cheese.  Sounds disgusting right?  Oh, no friends!  It is glorious!  My first encounter with Raspberry cheese was a few weeks ago when I was getting my inner-fourteen on.  It just melts in your mouth.  Very smooth and sharp with a slight note of fruitiness at the end.  Not really too fruity or sweet by any means.  I have no more words to describe it besides, mmmmm.  See that?  What, you ask?  Any possibility of a career as a food critic has now passed.  Buh-bye.

I am by no means a cheese connoisseur.  I can only say I love cheese of any kind.  In my household I pride myself on NOT serving the cheese that comes in singly wrapped slices; our "fancy" cheese is of the string variety.  We also serve a delicious {not really} non-cheese that is Gluten free, Casein free and a mystery horrible.  The boy seems to enjoy it, poor kid, if he only knew what he was missing.

Should something terrible happen and I snap and find myself on death row.  I would request a wedge of Raspberry cheese for my last meal.  It's that good!  Try it.  You will have to go to a fancy store to procure said cheese.  Your local grocery store will look at you side-ways and show you to the dairy case, stand there puzzled, and then go ask the manager returning 15 minutes later to tell you no, they do not have Raspberry cheese.  So I'm just saving you time okay?  Or, you could click on the link above and order the cheese because apparently they sell it online.  Is that disturbing to anyone, or just me?  I don't like to order food over the Internet.  Not like pizza, like cheese and steak via Internet ordering.  Yes, I realize we have dry ice and super speedy overnight package delivery...but I cannot.  Besides the cheese is only $8, it probably costs 20 dollars for dry-ice-super-speedee-delivery, then making the cheese $28.  Any cheese that cost me $28 would need to include the word, gold.

But I'd say $8 is affordable for fancy-ish cheese, generally speaking as one who considers string cheese fancy.   You could buy the cheese, a cheap bottle of wine, and some crackers for 20 bucks!  Then, you could devour the cheese and get drunk and think up better blog posts than those about cheese.  Sheer brilliance.  Just sayin'.  Good thing I wouldn't do that.  But you could.  But I wouldn't.  Ever.  Or tonight.

{No cheese company gave me any compensation for this post...but they should have, because this is good stuff and I'm totally going to bat for these people.  I have a reputation, yes, I will stop right there. I might however receive a certified letter requesting I remove the post as not to tarnish the Raspberry cheese company's image.}


The word got out to the Sartori Cheese Company...and today {only hours after they contacted me, mind you} I received a huge box of cheese in the mail!  These aren't just samples people, it's the real deal.  I'm so excited!  How wonderful is Sartori? 

Turns out they are a Midwestern {Wisconsin} Company.  I have to give them a little plug here for sure, I owe them that much after that sad post above!  I am a huge proponent of buying food locally, and their milk is from local patron farmers, and hormone-free.  The Raspberry cheese's official name is Raspberry Bella Vitano, for the record.  You must get some immediately.  They also included a Espresso Bella Vitano {which I've heard is great}, and SarVecchio Parmesan which has won over 25 awards, and many others. 

I am going to go eat cheese to my hearts content, and have a little cheese tasting party!  I encourage you to check out their website and Facebook page, they, especially Rachael, have been absolutely lovely!  Now perhaps I need to do a post on wine?  And yes, pictured below is what they sent me...kinda love Sartori!


  1. I don't really like cheese, which I know is kinda weird. I do like fancy cheese occasionally and really want to try this one now. Plus it would be awesome with my wine sampler that I plan on drinking. Yes. All of the samples at once and raspberry cheese. I'm a genius.

  2. you are too funny! i have never heard of this raspberry cheese you speak of but you have convinced me that I need to try it. so, in my opinion, they should totally be paying you!

  3. the cheese company should give you their royalties for plugging their product :)

    i love cheese!


    ria c

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  4. I would just like to say that this cheese is available @ any Byerlys

  5. I have to update this post tonight, but I did get paid in cheese! Sartori cheese sent me a HUGE box of cheese this morning, and I am beyond excited. I'm going to click a picture. Super great company. Here is their website, or click MMMM above...

    You can also find them on Facebook.

    Going to have a little cheese tasting party, who's coming?

  6. Now we're talking! Isn't it absolutely amazing to get some form of compensation for your posts? You should definitely be rewarded for your talent, Cari.

    I do love cheese, but my taste buds have yet to meet those of the fancy kind.

  7. Congrats, Cari! Looks like a lot of yummy fancy cheese. Definitely planning on coming down and bringing wine (unless a wine factory sends you a case but then i'm still coming just not with wine).

  8. Thanks everyone, I have emerged from my cheese coma. This morning I did have the Espresso cheese for breakfast, possibly my new favorite.

    I should really send you all some cheese, I have a lot of cheese! But here's the thing, I hate the post office, no really, I do; I will post on this sometime. So why don't you all just come over. But if you're dying to try the cheese, email me and I'll send you some. And you don't even have to like my facebook page or tweet about it. Although, you should like my facebook page like the hundreds of others!

    And Christina, even if I did get a pallet of wine or something, there isn't such a thing as too much wine. Right?


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