September 26, 2011

Calling Names and Passing Fungus

As you all are aware, I am a very talented writer *choke*, and sometimes people want to share the joy that is Cari with the world.  No seriously!  And on occasion they want to tell me how much they love me, by giving me awards.  I'm usually not an award person, so don't get all excited like you're going unload one on me, this is a rare instance.  {Sorry to all of you whom I have ignored in the past.}  But I adore these two bloggers so much, that I gave in to the peer pressure.  Plus it was like a double-whammy in a week, so it's only good Karma to pass the torch.  So I'm going to do two awards in one post and call it a day.  Here they are:

My bloggy BFF, Solitary Mama, bestowed the Liebster Award to me, which apparently means, "dearest or favorite".  I'd say I'm a spot on translation, so I'll take it!

The basic idea of the Liebster Blog Award is to showcase bloggers with less than 200 followers. {That's me, make it official any of you wavering, you know you like me, just do it.} When you get the award, you keep the love going and give it to 5 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.”

*Awardees should thank and link back to the award-er.

The Blog on Fire Award, was bestowed by my friend, Karacteristic.  She's pee your pants funny, and not to mention nothing short of an amazing Mom to a fantastic little girl.  I don't miss a post, not-a-one!  Now this award seems slightly open to interpretation, as per Kara, bequeathed by Flannery, it is a meme, like a fungus.  So I'm going to need some fungicide apparently. 

Or, it could mean this blog is HOT, like me.  And not like hot flashes hot, because I still have a good year or two before that starts.  But like, "how you doin', hot!"  Like that. I am suppose to tell you 5-7 things you don't know about me.

Before I tell ya'll who I'm pawning passing these off to, here are a few fun facts about me.  But you'll have to guess the answer.  If you guess correctly, that's great!  No prizes will be awarded. I don't give anything away, maybe one day I will make you something, like a sparkly something or another...with glue and stuff.

1.  True or False.  I love cheese.

2. Where do I live?

     A.) Wouldn't you like to know, stalker!
     B.)  Minnesota
     C.)  Maximum security prison.

3.  True or False.

In high school I needed an 'arts' credit.  I had dropped out of band, {too cool for school, I played the flute for 4 loooong years, AND if any of you comment with, "one time in band camp", I will block you}, I can't draw so art was out; that left choir. 

I had to try out at lunch in front of the ensemble crew, which is just a fancy name for the best and most gifted singers in the school...and tri-state area according to the trophies.  Terrified?  Just wait.  Put on my brave face and sang, "America the Beautiful".  In my mind, I was Celine.  To the others staring at me in wonder, obviously, not Celine.

Choir director says, "You need this credit, huh?  Okay, we can work with that."  I was positioned next to the blind girl in the choir.  And for the entire semester I thought, do I even need to share the sheet music?  She can't read it.  Do I need to make it look like I'm sharing?  I did, it stressed me out.  We were also on the end of the row.  I'm not kidding.

That was the end of my professional singing career.  However, I'm unstoppable and will sing at the drop of a hat, ain't pretty.

Get this, choir director's name was Mr. Crow...a divine sign from God?  What is it with me and crows?
4.  How old am I?
   A.)  Shouldn't ask a lady her age, that's just rude.
   B.)  I look good for my age.
   C.)  I am in denial that I actually "age" anymore.

5. True or False.

The boy and the Drama Queen are a figment of my imagination.

6.  What are the names of my two tribes on Triberr?
    A.)  Satire
    B.)  Side Effects of Single Parenting
    C.)  Confused? Read this and then follow me on Twitter @bubblegumcari.

7.  My Kryptonite is:
     A.)  Tom Selleck
     B.)  Booze and/or coffee. Or mixed together is even better!
     C.)  This blog which shaves precious, precious time off my life, see Q:4.

Well I hope you aced it, because there will be a quiz.  So now, the unveiling: 

I must pass the Liebster Blog Award to Nessa at Moments and Impressions.  I admire her for so many reasons and I love her blog. Beautiful photos, insightful and honest writing, short and sweet. No such thing as a bad read on her side of town. She's a highlight in my reader, and her blog always makes me smile.

The Blog on Fire Award, or Hot, Hot, Hot Award goes to Angela, Caffeinated Autism Mom.  She is on fire people!  She has two cutie pie boys with Autism and is nothing short of amazing.  She educates, she makes me laugh, she makes me think; and I call her friend.  I'm also nagging her to guest post over here and figure this might sweeten the pot!  Although I did just give her a fungus award....too late?

Now I broke a few rules, but I'm a rebel.  So now go click on those two blogs and show them some love. 

And Nessa and Angela, pass it on...{insert maniacal laugh}.


  1. Love reading these posts on getting to know bloggers better.

    I don't like to do them, because I'm so sick of myself already, but I LOVE to read them.

    I'm so nosy, I know. I KNOW.

  2. HA! Best award post evar! I have to go study first before I take the quiz but I know the answer to one of those questions is cheese.

    Checking out the friends...

  3. I totally heard the maniacal laugh. Congrats on your awards!

  4. I love getting a heads up on awesome blogs! Congrats all you bloggers!

  5. I love that you shared your sheet music with the blind girl. Sing it loud Celine!

  6. Oh, Kara, I like that you called me Celine! Christina's out, you're in. Just kidding, adore you both!

    All of the blogger's listed above are amazing and inspirationl; and I feel lucky to run in the same circles with them.

    And yes, cheese=true.

  7. Good thing they didn't draft you as a member of the Counting Crows :)

    You're right, we don't age... we only get better.

  8. Back home and catching up - also blushing. Thanks so much.


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