September 28, 2011

SEO, Chipmunks, Blog-friends and Pirates, oh my!

Oh yes I did!  I vlogged, again.  In my attempt to make it shorter, I made it longer.  But it's better, I promise!   I talk about some more things I learned at the Minnesota Blogger's conference:  Who reads your blog, are blog friends real friends, how to build a community, chipmunks, and pirates.  My editing is a little rocky in the beginning, but I do improve, I think it's worth it to stick it out until the end.  My last post on MNBlogcon can be found here.  
  Oh, and there's a short little outtakes video at the bottom.



More great posts from the Minnesota Blog Conference 2011

See you next year!  Who's coming?

{Also again, huge thanks to the sponsors and efforts of the people and speakers who made the conference possible, check my post above for details.}


  1. You are so brave Cari!! You are real easy to look at, so don't worry about that,ha :) I can't wait to go to the conference next year. And thanks for being the Chief!!

  2. You are so cute to watch!....thanks for the info :)

  3. HAHAHA before I forget...ur vlogs kicked ass. The outtakes were hilarious "hmmmm...chipmunk".

    Stalkers also read my blog. Not just other bloggers. And I think based on the spam mentioning certain enlargement products that someone else really important reads it too. Not gonna name drop here.

    Great job on the vlogs. I must get to work on my next! Thanks for the tips! Oh and btw...ur stunning. I feel like I should put on makeup when we chat online now so you don't think I'm a total loooozer.

  4. you're too funny. I totally agree with you about the word vlog. Just doesn't quite roll off the tongue. In other news, what are you eating? You need to bring treats for the whole class!

  5. First off, thanks for the compliments! Ya'll are pretty too, I only read pretty/cute people's blogs anyway:)

    I was super self-conscious this time, okay maybe not super, maybe sorta for the first 2 minutes. My last vlogs I couldn't see myself, this one I could the whole time, so it was a little strange to talk to myself for 20 minutes.

    I'm eating Mike & Ikes, from my 'kid's' stash; it helped with the nervous energy. They totally should've sponsored this post!

    Btw, there is another outtakes vlog on my You-Tube channel, contains some of the same stuff, and some never before seen boring crap, Bubblegumonmyshoe.

    @Star-Yay! I will save you a seat! We'll be doing the Twitter live feed. Glad you were on Twitter for some of it, it made me feel like you were there!

    @CSM- UMMMM, you should totally do a vlog! It would be beyond hilarious. Every facebook post you write has me rolling...DO IT!

    @Christina- Why can't cheese companies spam us, they should learn about SEO. When I talk to you I'm in yoga pants and a ponytail. All I wanted to do this time was improve upon how I looked in Crowmageddon. Yikes! Totally anticipating your next vlog!

    @Cam- Hate vlog...sounds German. Blog is already weird enough!

  6. Informative, funny, and now with less crow.

    Sorry to hear #walmartwine and that Bear guy stood you up at the MN blogger conference. You should make 'em atone with Triberr bones or something.

  7. @Beard- Plotting my revenge as I type...maybe payments in guest posts. Solitary Mama was probably passed out cold from the wine. I suppose that's a good reason...what was yours again? *tapping fingers* And YES, vlog is 78.5% better without crows!

  8. Babe! Some of your non-blog, non-twitter friends do read your blog regularly, though it may not be daily. And I'm just going to assume you're not talking about my ta tas!


  9. Awwww, Ali, thanks for leaving a comment! Thanks for reading my blog sweetie.

    P.S. I was totally talking about her boobs! We'll see if she ever notices I left this comment:-)

    Sometimes I amazes me that people even put up with me...

  10. You vlogged!

    I hate it when I've done it: I'm either sad Eyore or manic mandy.

  11. I am happy to consider myself one of your blogger friends/stalkers! You are a brave gal to do a vlog, with outtakes no less! Ack! That scares the crap out of me. I just did my very first video yesterday (I'll explain to you later) and I was a mess. You have given me courage by proxy. I know I have some *awesome* outtakes in all the footage I shot. I'm still too chicken to do anything with it...yet. We'll see.


  12. You have really great eyebrows.
    that's all.. bye!


  13. Liked this! I didn't realize, really, why I can't get my friends to read my blogs. Some of them does and they leave comments too but not as often as the blogger friends I met online. I agree with your definition of "bloggers are real friends" because I have great, real and fun blogger friends I met along the way and thjey have made my blogging life so colorful.

    Keep v/blogging! Kudos!

    Ria c

    It's My Party
    Home is Where the Heart Is
    Red Lips and Pinky Toes
    The Travel Bug
    Handmade with LOVE

  14. See....I'm not quite as technically advanced challenged as I let you think!! I can comment twice.

    And...I have no idea what reference you've made in the past to the upper part of my torso....that was a blog I must've missed. You'll have to enlighten me later (in person) XOXO and Miss you TONS!!!!

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