September 21, 2011

Why isn't OCD in spell check?

Yes, this drives me to think about drinking. Trust me, I think about drinking more than I drink, which is hardly ever.  But there is something that is terrible for my blood pressure.  These...

And this....

These, Squinkies, don't like 'em.

I can honestly say I hate these. They end up everywhere, and their little balls too. Those little egg balls they come in, that are all. over. my. house! Now I have to admit, my kids have hours of fun with these; which come at the low, low price of $6 for a 15 pack. But really, when you consider that almost half of them are lost within an hour of play, not such a good deal.

In case you missed it, check out my theory of multiplicity, Squinkies apply here.

I do not know why disorganized kids' toys drive me crazy, but it does. I have some serious OCD in this area. I'm a firm believer in the, "you're done playing with it, put it away before you get another toy out" approach. However, this hardly EVER works in my house because my kids are smarter than me. And sometimes I don't enforce it. Nothing to see there.

They have to pull a little bit of everything out from everywhere, and who am I to squelch imagination? But it makes me want a vodka tonic, for sure. You see the Squinkies must live in the My Little Pony houses, have Barbie pets and accessories, Thomas the train track roads for Hotwheels, and a stuffed animal jungle beyond the border, oh yes, in a fort made from every blanket we own as their cave.

It gets out of hand quick around here. So I suck it up and say, okay have your city, play on. Although I have inadvertently knocked down some members in the parade because I can't tip-toe around it with precise ninja stealthiness.  Then there is an uproar.  Good grief.

I don't want to talk about clean-up time. I'm defeated. They are against me. Send help.


  1. Hahahaha, I'm sooooo glad this time in my kids life is o---ver. I knew when I watched Star Trek that the famous tribbles episode was preparing for something. Foreshadowing. The puzzle pieces met and formed my insanity, thank you, Kirk.

    But it's so darn adorable how all inclusive your sweeties are. Let's hope that carries on in life. Open minds, aahhhh. Well, with you for a mom, I'm sure.

    You are such a great mom Cari...

  2. Ha! You sound a lot like my #3 daughter. She ha 3 kids... ain't life fun?

    Have a nice day :-)


  3. ha! my son's toys end up everywhere!! i try to maintain his play area and his room but his finds away to get his toys all over the house. it's my job to put them all back once he's asleep. they always win! :)

  4. You should post this under "Halloween" because it's spooky as shit. I'm going to deny the existance of these toys to my kids. Like Santa. And the Easter Bunny.

  5. You forgot that noise the Zhu Zhu pets make at night when no one's playing with them. My house is currently barbied down with one Bratz doll that lost a foot and has scissors tied to her sides like crutches.

    Trying to stay away from Squinkies. Polly Pockets created enough chaos.

  6. Agree that Squinkies mate and reproduce in the toy box. And "Squinkie" is Chinese for "tiny lead painted P.O.S."

  7. Oh man... we aren't there yet - and shame on me because I thought they were so cute. Now I can clearly imagine stepping on one in the middle of the night.

  8. I am laughing so hard, imagining you tiptoeing like a ninja :)
    I am also a staunch advocate of the "put-your-toys-away-after playing-with-them" rule.
    Thank God my daughter hasn't discovered Squinkies yet.

  9. Thanks everyone for sharing my pain. If your kids are in the "not for children...swallowing...choking hazard stage" I can only say EXTEND! They stein every crack and crevice. I have started throwing them away if they aren't picked up, I know, I'm hardcore evil, but seems we haven't made a dent.
    And Zhu Zhu pets are a close second...they won't shut up. Okay I need a drink now. Support group?

  10. I just start throwing them out. Im a mean mommy, but if they start ending up all over the floor, the garbage they go, lol.


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