October 31, 2011

A Very Scary Un-Halloween Story

Since its Halloween and all, thought I scare share a scary story with you. No ghost stories or anything creepy really, just a Wal-Mart short story. See told you, frightening. The events that I will share with you took place last week on the eve of my blog-tribing-anti-facebooking-tweeting hiatus; perhaps had something to do with pushing me over the edge, one will never know.

It is rare that Wal-Mart and I cross paths, but you have to admit, sometimes they do have the lowest price guarantee and it's worth the risk. Or is it?  So I quickly maneuver into the Wal-Mart, the parking lot is feat enough.  I avoid making eye contact with almost everyone, including the dude wearing NO shoes. Right. The fact that it's 50 degrees and this didn't disturb me...Wal-Mart. I manage to collect my things in under 10 minutes do to my 80 year old speed walking imitation, and stand in the shortest line I could find with the most, ahem, "seasoned" looking cashier. Now all I'm saying here is that maybe the light on the checkout is not flashing, and there is not a trainee badge on, nor is the cashier swearing, just sayin'.  Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about here. 

The gal in front of me in line was visibly very pregnant. The cashier asks her how far along she is, 8 months, yadda, yadda. I'm just semi-over hearing right now, just checking the Twitter while I wait. The cashier responds, "yeah, I just found out I'm pregnant, the surprise is that I'm 6 months along already...so that's a relief!”

Screech! Bye Twitter. Did she say 6 months? Pregnant customer and I quickly exchange concerned glances. I now know why a show named "Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" exists and I'm pretty sure they film at the Wal-Mart.

Then there is the kicker, "at least I'm almost done with the morning sickness".

HELLO? Perhaps flu-like symptoms for six months might be some kind of sign that something is going on that you might want to get checked out? Perhaps not having your period for oh, 6 months could be a tell-tale sign...but that's just my common sense speaking.  What do I know? 

She scans my stuff, twice, she had to void it out once, and the totals were different each time. I may not be a math whiz, but I can make change, for the record, Wal-Mart cashier cannot. Trust me you never want to get into a conversation with a Wal-Mart cashier about how even though she entered that I gave her $535 instead of $35 {my total was $34.76}, that she still didn't owe me $500 dollars.  Listen Wal-Mart, you're darn lucky I'm a good person and didn't walk out with your $500 bucks! 
I had to use my Mommy voice and tell that girl to trust me and put the $500 dollars back in the till, that it would all work out in the end.  She was on the verge of tears.  She was almost desperate to unload the $500 bucks.  Creepy dude behind me in line, said, "take the money!".  I had to kind of linger there for a minute too, so the creep didn't try to convince her to give him the $500 dollars.  Creepy McCreepster wouldn't have cared if 6 months pregnant lost her job, only that he was $500 dollars richer.  I gave him the I'm watching you eyes.

Have I learned my lesson and will stay out of Wal-Mart? Probably not.  Is Wal-Mart as scary as a spooked out hay ride and a haunted house?  Yes, most definitely, yes.
Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

October 24, 2011

Savoring the last week of Four...as sober as possible

This morning I woke up and wrote out my to-do list for the week.  I'm a total nerd like that, complete list maker; I make lists for my lists...and I usually lose them.  My son, my baby consequently is turning 5 this week...FIVE!  I'd be a liar if I said I have not been tempted to turn to the bottle.  Five is big!  Five is not a baby anymore, or a toddler, or even a pre-schooler.  I hate when five rolls around.  All of a sudden when five hits, kids seem to exponentially grow at warp speed.  I don't like it, just sayin'.

So I'm reflecting on my list, and feeling weepy, because five is coming to town whether I like it or not, and I think, "not a whole lot of these things on my list are really important in comparison to five" {and my inevitable drunken stupor, five will cause}.  Then I start feeling pressure, and urgency, to accomplish all of these tasks; all the tasks taking me away from my son this week.  I don't like to dwell in a state of urgency or anxiety, unless I have to.  It seems all those things on my list that I usually enjoy, like blogging, seem like a chore this week; and frankly I just don't wanna.

My usual motto is Mommy first, everything else second.  So I'm going big.  This week I'm going to read a book, not a blog, no Triberr, no Facebook, no Twitter, no #SingleParentsTalking; and just be with my kid.  Sure it might seem drastic, but I am well versed in 'me' and know that I could be sucked back in at any moment, one tweet could do it. Plus I could spontaneously burst into tears at any moment, and nobody needs to see that.  I could also be very, very crabby...run, save yourselves.

I'm going to enjoy the last of the fall colors, take lots of walks, carve pumpkins with my kids, attempt to make 3 school birthday celebrations a success, and attempt my first ever GFCFSF cake from scratch {should be interesting}. 

When all is said and done, all those other things mean nothing, but this guy means everything....Happy Birthday little man.
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October 21, 2011

The Good Witch, The Bad Witch and the Sugar Witch

{This is a re-post from last Halloween and because it's so brilliant, I had to bring it back.}

The Sugar Witch is not something I or my children become after scarfing consuming all those Halloween treats. Not to say there may or may not be any truth to the label, but this post is on a different topic entirely.

The Sugar Witch my friends may just be one of the greatest tales told to youngsters to come along this century. According to the Drama Queen the Sugar Witch is nice and wears pink from top to bottom and has a candy cane pointed hat. The Sugar Witch comes to visit your home after Halloween. She needs candy to survive you see and is very willing to trade the bucket o' candy you just tromped around the neighborhood for, for say a book, DVD, or small toy; I got away with a five dollar Webkin last year. Worth the investment in my book. That's right friends, my little 5 year old bought it hook, line, and bribery. I did allow her to pick out 5 pieces of candy to keep, then we put the rest in a bucket on the porch before bed. In the early morning, I heard squeals of joy likened to Christmas!

Genius. I however, cannot take credit for this, but have to give props to a lovely lady in my MOPS group for the tip who blogs over at Salt in Suburbia. The Sugar Witch came 2 days after Halloween for us, but she might have so many houses to hit, and not have the speed of reindeer assist, and may come later for other children. So maybe after the Kit Kats are gone, whenever.

Pre-Sugar Witch days, I would ration out the candy, and by ration, I mean throw it away. Too much candy makes for crabby kids, or at least for mine. My kids go into hyper-overdrive on refined sugar. They still eat it, but in moderation. Who needs 19 pounds of Laffy Taffy? The boy can only have like two things anyway due to his dietary restrictions, so what fun is that?

I am going to donate my candy given to the Sugar Witch this year. This is also a great option for older kids. There are several places that will take the Halloween candy donations and send it to the troops overseas. Or even better a local hospital paid kids a dollar per pound for their candy and they had the option to donate their money to a local food shelf. I found tons of links for my area, but nothing on a national level...gonna have to Google it kids!

Hope your Halloween is Spooktacular and the Sugar Witch comes to your town!

October 19, 2011

I'm NOT Going to Sugar Coat This: It's for your own good

One of my very bestest BFFs that I've known since the days of Aqua Net and Jordache is with child. That's right, knocked-up, preggers, and this is her number one. She says, "I'll be calling you for advice". That people is like music to my ears! Someone is actually ASKING me for my usually unsolicited advice, made my day, that's all I'm saying. We, Flo {her nickname} and I are long letter writing boo-hoo type people. Oh yeah, we say I love you and stuff, but our talks are more like a 90 minute comedy routine, and nothing important is ever said. Thusly why if we have anything at all important to say, we need to write it down.

So I'm saving a stamp and giving my Motherhood advice via, the blog, I totally know she appreciates this too, ha. So Flo, here is what you need to know about Motherhood that no one has the guts to tell you, out of love I do this for you. I'll still send you a gift and whatever.  But this post is pretty gosh darn priceless.

1. Kiss your blissful days of sleep good-bye. As long as you have a child sleeping in your home, you will never reach REM sleep again. No joke. The wind changes direction, you will shoot up straight in your bed and go check if they are breathing.
Oh yeah, about that breathing thing, you'll do that like 20 times a day at first. Babies can be pretty quiet and sleep a lot, so you will find yourself checking their vitals every 15-20 minutes for the first 3 months or so. Totally normal. Word to the wise, you sleep when they sleep, makes for a good Mommy.

2. Your body will never be the same again: A & B

A.) Even when you lose the baby weight, because it is possible, and you can do it, things will have shifted, if you will. It's like the tectonic plates in the butt/thigh/stomach region, have made their way North/South/East/West, making you now do the head tilt in the mirror and saying, huh? I weigh the same, what the? Yes. Tectonic shifting of ass.

B.) Give your Boobs and Vagina a going away party. You'll never see them again in their same beautiful glory again. I won't delve further into the horror, but also a word to the wise and to maintain your marriage, DO NOT video tape the birth from the down under angle. Yeah, I get it, but who wants to see that? YOU DON'T, trust me on this, you don't. You'll only end up drinking a bottle of wine and rocking in the corner. Same goes for your husband, he doesn't need to be reminded of that either. It is sure to stir up some PTSD, like Choppers in Nam, that's right. I don't know, my opinion, but if you want to relive the death and destruction of your vagina over and over, go for it. Miracles come at a price.

3. You're going to let yourself go a little. Despite telling yourself you won't be one of "those" Moms in sweatpants, ponytails and puke on her shirt, you will. My daughter once projectile vomited on me in Bloomingdale's, take a deep breath and change your clothes, buy a shirt if you need to. But try to do these three things everyday: Change out of your pj's, brush your teeth/put on some chapstick, and make your bed. It will give you a tiny sense of accomplishment and make you feel better.

4. Get a blog. You're a Mommy, Mommy bloggers pretty much rule the universe, name it, own it, and please don't giveaway crap on it.  {P.S. Pass Blogger and go straight to Wordpress.}

5. You are going to cry for no reason, all.the.time. Its hormones honey. This will eventually level off after the first 10-15 years.

6. Your heart is going to break. It will break when you leave your baby at Grandma's for the first time and you just want to rush home. It will break when your baby is crying and there is nothing you can do, because you tried everything. It will break when you send them to their first day of Kindergarten.
But your heart will also grow. You will feel the most amazing amount of love for this little person, and will die for that baby. And just when you think you couldn't love them anymore, they will say, "I love you, Mommy", or smile for the first time. Being a parent is the most humbling, wonderful, indescribable gift you will ever receive.

You'll be great my friend and I'm always here for you, to listen, no advice. Love you.

October 17, 2011

Sitting With Silence, Can You Handle It?

I got into a discussion this weekend with some friends about "uncomfortable silences" and their meaning. I must admit, the uncomfortable silence is not something I am well acquainted with. I usually have a rebuttal to just about anything and have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. But I must say, I enjoy silence...or quiet, there is a difference. When your kids are gone and you get over that moment of celebration, and the 'now what' sets in, the silence comes; it's terrible. When they are tucked into bed and sleeping like Angels, that's quiet. I prefer quiet.
Back to the subject at hand, which in this post I will talk about the uncomfortable silence in a dating situation. So my friend, not me, my friend...seriously not me and not "my friend” had a date this weekend. She said it went great except for the moments of uncomfortable silence. I asked how the conversation was when there wasn't a silent moment and she said, "Great"! Okay. So did she consider the date a failure because they didn't talk non-stop for 3 hours? Apparently so. Do one or two moments of uncomfortable silence mean you have no chemistry? Again, apparently so. Naturally, I had to disagree with this argument.
In my opinion, the uncomfortable silence, tells just as much about a person, than what they say. This of course is not true on the telephone, long-ish pauses maybe, long periods of silence on the phone, not so good. But one-on-one, can you just sit with each other and feel okay in that moment? I think this is very telling about chemistry between two people. I guess I don't really feel squirmy in the uncomfortable silence, it doesn't bother me. Don't get me wrong I CAN find something to talk about, but I would rather give it some worth. But honestly, even what I think has worth is most often times seriously lacking, so perhaps I should just shut my trap. But really, those moments are not as long as they seem in our minds. Uncomfortable silences are really just nervous energy when it all comes down to it.
Let's take my last date for example, yes I know, such an occurrence did take place once upon a time. Dude was totally not okay with uncomfortable silences. In fact so much so, that on our third date, I heard the entire story the McDonald's franchise and creation thereof. No joke. Ten minutes in I was visibly not amused and he promised there was a point, and then kept tapping my hand to wake me from my coma. I'd rather take the 5 seconds of silence that seems like an eternity than the 20 minutes of verbal torture.
{Let me also say for the record, had our conversation been going in the direction of McDonald's, franchises, entrepreneurship, or business in general, maybe it would've been relevant. He also never ate fast food, and it's rare in my household. One minute we were talking about bike trails than bam! Huh?}
Here's where my hypothesis comes in and I'd like to know what you think. Uncomfortable silences are pretty near inevitable on dates or when meeting new people. You are just learning more about them, their likes and dislikes, it does happen. More than likely, it will happen. Are they a deal breaker in your book? I think sometimes we fill the quiet moments to help the other person feel comfortable as well. Also do parents feel more comfortable with uncomfortable silences, just because quiet is few and far between?
Maybe it's just me, and I don't read into them. It's just natural. I am more likely to read into a lecture series on fast-food franchising and why this has nothing to do with bike trails.
Let me know your feelings on the uncomfortable silence. Is it a deal breaker? Are parents more comfortable with it, or am I once again a scientific anomaly?
Then again,  this very post could be the result of an uncomfortable blogging silence from the last 5 days. Possible, very possible.

October 12, 2011

Bubble Gum on my Beard: 10 Kilos of Confidence

You’ve waited long enough I suppose, Beard from Beard and Pigtails is back! Beard and I are doing a three part series, giving our opinions on single parenting from the angle of a single mom and a single dad. In case you missed part one, you’d better catch up here, with Part I: The Plunge into Single Parenting

So I’ve introduced Beard before, and did a really bad impression of him in a vlog, and said how great of a Dad he is to his little girl, Pigtails.  I’ll spare you again from all my gushing. But you, you should gush, and go directly over to his blog and read it…after you read his post here of course. Oh and by the way, my side of the story is over at his place today, so clicky...after you read his post, that is.

We decided part two would take a bit of a turn, and focus more on the single parent, than the child. We’ve been reading a lot of Single Parent blogs lately, and many were woven with common threads of hopelessness, despair, doubt, and the grand-dad of them all, why. Why am I alone? Why doesn’t he/she love me? Why did they leave? Why am I not good enough? Oh yes, there is a what; what’s wrong with me?

Hard to swallow right?  So what's so bad about being alone?  Not ideal, I agree, but society, friends and family are always pushing to get you back out there.  Maybe we don't need to get back out there right away.  I'll shush and let the dude speak...

Bubble Gum on my Beard: 10 Kilos of Confidence

A Doubting Dad Builds a Confident Daughter Builds a Confident Dad

Precisely .001% of single parents are confident those early days of grinding at it alone.

This might be especially true for those of us that are divorced. We were used to having a spouse there helping tame exploding onesies and a listening ear off which to ricochet life.

Then that went away.

Often, when your loved one leaves, so does your confidence.

I was friggin’ terrified when I became a single dad. Looked confident on the outside, but my smiling face masked doubt that I’d not be able to handle everything alone.

I'd failed as a husband. Would I also fail as a daddy?

I decided to do the right thing and be the best dad I could, regardless of my self doubt.

I loved my daughter and gave her the time she desired. Which built her confidence. And she hugged me back, which slowly confirmed I was doing a good job. Down in the mire, it was amazing how a tiny 10-kilo toddler juiced my confidence.

Before single parents can be confident in the dating pool, we must to be confident in our ability to be a good mom or dad. Alone. This is our primary responsibility.

We have to be careful not to reverse the order. It's a temptation to look for another to fill the gap in order to make parenting easier. Or because we think a date will make us feel better.

That angle's sure to disappoint and isn't fair to the other person.

Dates and Granola

I started scribbling down some junk on single parent dating, but two sentences later realized I'm no expert on the subject. In a recent #SingleParentsTalking Twitter chat, I mentioned Googling "date" to see what it means, and it brought back a picture of granola. So I'll share a couple quick thoughts, then go chow on a sack of fiber.

Beating the stick on what I said above, we should be a comfortable single parent before dipping digits into the piranha pool.

Allow time to heal our wounds.

And evaluate with honesty the shortcomings we made in our marriage or prior relationship that contributed to the split. In some cases, we did little to bring it on. But there are improvements all of us can make in prepping to move ahead.

Statics show second marriages fail at a higher rate, which begs questions on repeated divorces:

Did he learn from his mistakes?

Is she bad at choosing a mate?

Does he have issues with not picking dirty underpants off the floor?

If a beau hops into the mix and you're getting all flush and sweaty in places, please first consider the safety and well being of your children. I don't reckon it's a grand idea to introduce a date to the kiddos until after spending several months getting to know them. Little ones don't have the computer power to process a new face popping into and out of their lives frequently.

Plus, you want to be sure fresh meat is not a slob that fails to scrape dirty underpants off the floor.

 - - - - - - -

Thanks for letting me on your blog, Cari!

Now, here's the deal, leave a comment if you wish and skedattle over to Beard & Pigtails and read my rather short post which might involve a smidge of Jerry McGuire bashing.

October 10, 2011

Caught on Film: Single Mama +2

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A month or so ago I got a call from my friend, Shelly; sick of hearing about how great she is yet?  Well, she's great!  Shelly has her own photography business and wanted to take some picture of me and the kids.  As a parent, and even more so as a single parent, you don't often get the chance to be in the picture with your kids.  Try when you can to be in the picture, do whatever it takes.  No matter how it turns out, you won't regret it.  In my view, we should remember moments with pictures, not if we had a good hair day.  Although pictures from college don't apply, those the evidence should just as well be burned.

Shelly was once deep in the trenches of single parenthood with her oldest son.  She's lived it, breathed it, knows it.  She's married now to a wonderul man and a proud Mama of three sweet boys.  I admire her so for her determination not to let one moment of life pass her by.  She's a grab the bull by the horns kind of girl, but does it with grace and beauty.  As far as awesome and talented people go, she's pretty much on the top of the list.  Thanks for being in my life Shelly!

Shelly Peters Photographic Art

Like her on Facebook

{P.S. I'm pretty much giving Peters the highest of recommendations, so if you need some pictures taken, or are getting married or something like that, oh and live in the Minnesota-ish area, you should call her...because I said so.  If she can work with my crew, well then she's pretty much spectacular.}

October 07, 2011

Epi-Pens & Dead Roosters: A Field Trip Story

Remember how I told you that my rank as cool, volunteer, room Mom totally hit the fan and I had to start at square one with Drama Queen's first grade teacher, no? Here-ish.

So in order to get in good graces with first grade teacher, without buying her off with a gift card to Tiffanys or something, I decided to volunteer for the first field trip of the year {I was the only one, by the way}.  I couldn't bake her anything, because of the "might be poison in there" clause the school has.  You just can't eat homemade goodies from strangers anymore these days, sad really.  Who's the punk that had to go poison a kid and ruin it for everyone?  At least I can still bring food to work, they'll eat anything; poison or not.

First grade teacher is a hard nut to crack, because she is a cute, curly-haired, ice princess.  {She must never know this blog exists} Guess I don't blame her, wrangling 20 first graders who can't remember to zip their pants would wear on a person.  But I've heard she's good, Drama Queen likes her.  I don't really think she said more than 4 sentences to me the entire day.  I took a shower and everything.  What gives?

I must mention a tiny flaw I have about making everyone be my friend.  If I think you don't like me, I will bother you until you do like me and are my BFF.  That's just how I roll.  It's a sickness, but I can't help it.  I love people, people!

So in short, we went to the nature center, to observe Bees and talk about pollination.  I actually learned quite a lot, and saw real bee hives or houses or whatever those boxes are.  Wasn't paying attention then, was probably saying, "stop touching him" for the 7 gillionth time.  Seriously, 1st grade boys....really?  I'm not ready for that.  Not.  Little 1st grade boys can't keep their hands to themselves {nor can 18-79 year old boys either} but that's not the point, it's ridiculous.  What developmental milestone is this?

I got the group of  "he's touching me, he's touching me, he's touching me" and the one kid allergic to bees!  What!?  I love being the chaperone with an epi-pen in my purse!  That gave me mild to heavy anxiety the entire trip.  So there we are in our little screened in porch while the bee keeper, Rob,  was bringing way too many bees {in my opinion} to show us. 

Children you must be very quiet and still so the bees don't feel the vibration of your voices and sting me.

Pretty sure that's code for: Shut the H up and stop touching him before these suckers sting me!

I'm just going to admit that I was struggling to keep the 1st grade boys under control, they were loud, and banging feet, and touching everyone and everything.  But let's be honest here, that doesn't make the kids look bad, no, after all they are just 6 years old.  This chaos makes the chaperone look bad...that being me.  I could feel 1st grade teacher staring at me with her you can't handle this eyes from across the yard through the other screened in porch.

Strike 2 or 20, whatever, the worst is yet to come.  Nobody got stung by the way.  You see I've been to this Nature preserve before, I even know some of the animals names.  So as some of the children were gathered and we were gawking at the sheep and cows and chickens, some of the kids mentioned this was their first time here.  Well, I just lit up!   Time to redeem myself and have some fun on this field trip!  They were in for a treat, because the nature preserve has the biggest rooster that has ever roamed the Earth...Big Red.  So I go on and on about Big Red, and how he's as big as a cat, and that you can hold him and feed him and the kids were really excited about this.  Until...
Big Red
First grade teacher makes her way over to me, steely eyes squinting at me, and says,

"Big Red's dead.  He died this summer."

Why Jesus?  Some kids that were familiar with Big Red instantly did that little lip quivering thing, and looked at me like I had just had chicken dinner or something.  Had I not been in the middle of nature, I would've hailed a taxi, or thrown myself into on-coming traffic.  I made the class cry.  Fantastic. 

I was drying tears and we had a moment of silence for Big Red.  I danced around questions as to if Big Red was in heaven with one kid's Grandma;  I stuck with the story that Big Red was in Rooster heaven.  I thought everything was great until "Collin" started crying about his dead dog, "Randy", and apparently every child in the class had to share a story of death, from Grandmas and Grandpas to Uncles, Aunts, cats, dogs, and fish.  Good times.

What have I done I ask you?  This is the Karma for my sass isn't it?  Worst. Field trip. Ever.  Pretty sure first grade teacher still hates me.  Actually, it's gone from 99% positive to 100% positive.  I have not signed up to volunteer again, just yet.  Best to let this incident blow over...and I'm buying a gift card to Tiffanys.

October 04, 2011

Who's Stalking? #SingleParentsTalking

Guess what I did last Friday night?  No, I did not go on a date.  No, I did not do laundry.  Oh, what's that, spa...um, no.  Myself and my Single Parent blogging Tribe, Side Effects of Single Parenting, moderated our very first Tweet and Meet.  For those of you saying, "huh?", there is a 2 minute video to explain below, thanks to Christina and Beard for helping me out on this.

Pretty safe assumption that I will never get a date again, after that video {you better really go back and watch it now and not just say you did}.  The chat started innocently enough as a way for me and my fellow tribe members to get to know one another.  Before we knew it, we had up to 25 single parents tweeting along with us!  The single parents asked for more, and we listened and are making it a regular Friday night chat.  We had an inkling there was a need for a single parent connection of some sort, but were pleasantly surprised at the turn-out, and without any promotion at that.  But now I'm promoting, so tell your friends.  I'm so excited to Tweet again Friday!  Look what Triberr went and started!

Side Effect of Single Parenting Tribe

Tribe Description:
What Single Parents don't want you to know, and what they are up to when they aren't out at the bar or on Match.com. We also might blog about our kids from time to time. My hope this tribe can serve as a network, sounding board and support system to Single Parents as well.

Applicant Requirements:
Single Parents, Moms and Dads, who blog with a bit of humor and class {easy on the Ex bashing please}. Posts do not have to be about Single Parenting or Co-Parenting. Being a single parent affects every facet of life, so blog about life. You don't have to be "Single" to join the tribe. Single parents that are dating, in relationships, engaged, married but once were single parents, and all the rest of the jaded single parent masses are welcome to put in an application. The chief also doesn't dig giveaways, unless it's something really, really good. I understand this is subjective so I will give you an example:

Air fresheners=bad

Anything you are blogging about for compensation=probably not.

All expense paid trips to somewhere tropical {Nanny included, because who are we kidding, we can't find a sitter for a week} = Go for it, sign me up, and welcome to the Tribe.

Legal Disclaimer: This Tribe cannot help you collect child support, just sayin'.

Confused and want to know more about Triberr?

Solitary Mama explains it to the masses, here

A fellow Triberrer tells all, here

Tribe Members:

Cari, that's Me! The Chief, by title only, we're a democracy, www.bubblegumonmyshoe.com

Solitary Mama

Beard and Pigtails

An Immediate Memoir

Mutant Supermodel

Life with Dylan

Magic 27

Chasing Serenity

Wyatt Burps

Check out the Side Effects of Single Parenting Tribe on www.Triberr.com. If you are a single parent blogger interested in joining the tribe, e-mail me at bubblegumonmyshoe@yahoo.com, for more information.

October 03, 2011

A Departure and Confession

As a writer, when you are inspired to write; you do so. This post is going to be a bit of a departure from my usual blathering on about sweaters and such, but I feel I must say it. God is always trying to tell us something, usually, we don't listen. So then he tries to tell us again, and again, and again, until you're knee deep in you know what and regret.  Should've listened right?

Last week I was reading Kristin’s post over at The Only Parent Chronicles, and besides tearing up, and praying for her family {could you pray too}, I had a bit of a light bulb moment. Kristin mentioned in the post how she tries to stay secular in her blog posts, but that God is such a big part of her; I totally identified with that. I thought, hmmm, I talk about God here and there, but do my readers really know how much of a bible banging Jesus freak I am? And I know what you are thinking and God made me like this, and he loves me, so there. So I thought to myself, I should blog about this.

Take two; I get an e-mail from my friend A.J. inviting me to hear her give testimony to her walk in faith at her church next weekend. How awesome is that? Naturally I won't miss it; A.J. is one of my favorite people in the entire world. That is walking in faith, which takes guts, that is putting it out there for the world to see. Just by telling a story, not with judgment, or pushing or preaching, just obedience. I can already tell you that it will be amazing and uplifting; A.J. is one of those people.

There are those people who walk amongst us on this Earth and there is something about them that is different. Something about them almost glows, you are drawn to them. There is comfort in their very presence and it soothes your soul and their words inspire action. They bask in God's glory and walk in true obedience to him; warriors not matter the hurdle. A.J. is one of those people. I am lucky to say I know and am friends with a few other people {coincidentally bloggers, imagine that} like that:

Shelly, you just can't get enough of her; you want to be around her all.the.time. She goes for it with grace and unwavering optimism.

Mela, her and her husband have an amazing story about walking in obedience, and sharing God's love.

Starthrower, a fellow Side Effects of Single Parenting tribe mate, though I've never met her, after reading her blog these last few months, I can tell; I'm perceptive in special people don't you know!
I just think to myself, how blessed am I to know these people!

I think I've always walked in faith, believed. But not until my second miscarriage did I say, "okay God, there is nothing I can do here, I tried, I'm done, lead me". The important part about that is not just that I said it; it's that I believed it. Not long after I had my beautiful daughter, and then a son. Why do we have to make something that is so easy, so hard?

Walking in obedience to God's will might be one of the biggest challenges you will ever face. It's not just being obedient to his commandments, or the bible, but means listening to what he wants for you. The highest level of trust is required here. It's saying I am willing to give up all my desires for Jesus. What I am capable of is small, what he is capable of moves mountains. I want mountain moving faith.

I'm not here to judge your beliefs, condemn or condescend; nor am I in any way perfect. Every time hurt chips away at my heart, I let it fill up with God's love. People do miraculous things and devastating things compelled by their beliefs. I have one life. One life to figure it out for myself, and pass it along to those willing to listen.

For me my faith is almost tangible. I feel it coursing through my veins and in my bones. I want the same for you. Pray. Pray from your heart because he is listening. Let go, stop pushing God away and working against him and let all the wonder he has in store for you unfold.

I wanted to include some music in this post, because not only is Mela one of those amazing people, but she is also an amazing muscian.  I was going to include the song, I Pray, written and sang by that wonderful lady, Mela. And so it seemed decided...until. I was taking a walk writing this post in my head, listening to my IPod and,By My Side, by Tenth Avenue North, came on three out of six songs in the shuffle. So in obedience, I'm listening and here you go.   Besides that song is my mantra of faith, I listen to it every day until I believe the words.

God loves you. You are his child. There is nothing you could ever do to change that or make him stop loving you. Every day is a new opportunity for a new beginning. Doing what you are called to do in this lifetime doesn't mean you have to figure anything out; it just means letting God guide you.

*You can sneak a peek at Mela's cd on her website, here, trust me, it's worth it.

October 01, 2011

Because I'm A Gigantic Flake...

Okay, so because I'm a gigantic flake who can't get her s*#t together I am posting this, whatever this is.  Day late, dollar short, whatever.  But anyway, back to flake, and because Facebook doesn't send me message notifications anymore {darn you} and because my cell phone is on silent because people love to tweet and message me at all hours {love you guys} and because I have a full voicemail box because I do, I screwed up.

That's right, I'm admitting it.  I guest posted over at Caffeinated Autism Mom's blog yesterday!  Didn't know that did you?  Probably because I already scheduled a post on the proper way for my four year old to pee!  Okay total blog fail.  At any rate, you should hop over and read what I wrote, because it's funny true.

Oh also, anyone who volunteers for the bonus #11, gets free cheese.  No lie.

Now go my friends.  Click.