October 01, 2011

Because I'm A Gigantic Flake...

Okay, so because I'm a gigantic flake who can't get her s*#t together I am posting this, whatever this is.  Day late, dollar short, whatever.  But anyway, back to flake, and because Facebook doesn't send me message notifications anymore {darn you} and because my cell phone is on silent because people love to tweet and message me at all hours {love you guys} and because I have a full voicemail box because I do, I screwed up.

That's right, I'm admitting it.  I guest posted over at Caffeinated Autism Mom's blog yesterday!  Didn't know that did you?  Probably because I already scheduled a post on the proper way for my four year old to pee!  Okay total blog fail.  At any rate, you should hop over and read what I wrote, because it's funny true.

Oh also, anyone who volunteers for the bonus #11, gets free cheese.  No lie.

Now go my friends.  Click.


  1. You can be a flake, I still love ya :o)

  2. That was some good stuff Cari. Good stuff.

  3. I'd do anything for free cheese :)

  4. The blog post is great - but I felt obliged to write because when I saw your tweet (with the title of this post in it), the first thing that went through my (British) mind, was THIS:
    And it made me grin from ear to ear!

  5. Lots and lots of helpful information, Cari! Great post!

  6. I'm a flake, too! Sorry about my part in the mix-up. I did not have good guest posting etiquette and waited too long to confirm with you. Total fail on my part.

    I thought you would like to know that since I posted your Top 10 list on Friday, it has moved up to my #2 most popular post of all time. This means you are way cooler than me. Truly. :-)


  7. Thanks for the love everybody, and thanks for letting me guest post Angela. I think those tips ring true for any parent.

    We'll just call that little rise to #2 "thank you twitter". xo


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