October 21, 2011

The Good Witch, The Bad Witch and the Sugar Witch

{This is a re-post from last Halloween and because it's so brilliant, I had to bring it back.}

The Sugar Witch is not something I or my children become after scarfing consuming all those Halloween treats. Not to say there may or may not be any truth to the label, but this post is on a different topic entirely.

The Sugar Witch my friends may just be one of the greatest tales told to youngsters to come along this century. According to the Drama Queen the Sugar Witch is nice and wears pink from top to bottom and has a candy cane pointed hat. The Sugar Witch comes to visit your home after Halloween. She needs candy to survive you see and is very willing to trade the bucket o' candy you just tromped around the neighborhood for, for say a book, DVD, or small toy; I got away with a five dollar Webkin last year. Worth the investment in my book. That's right friends, my little 5 year old bought it hook, line, and bribery. I did allow her to pick out 5 pieces of candy to keep, then we put the rest in a bucket on the porch before bed. In the early morning, I heard squeals of joy likened to Christmas!

Genius. I however, cannot take credit for this, but have to give props to a lovely lady in my MOPS group for the tip who blogs over at Salt in Suburbia. The Sugar Witch came 2 days after Halloween for us, but she might have so many houses to hit, and not have the speed of reindeer assist, and may come later for other children. So maybe after the Kit Kats are gone, whenever.

Pre-Sugar Witch days, I would ration out the candy, and by ration, I mean throw it away. Too much candy makes for crabby kids, or at least for mine. My kids go into hyper-overdrive on refined sugar. They still eat it, but in moderation. Who needs 19 pounds of Laffy Taffy? The boy can only have like two things anyway due to his dietary restrictions, so what fun is that?

I am going to donate my candy given to the Sugar Witch this year. This is also a great option for older kids. There are several places that will take the Halloween candy donations and send it to the troops overseas. Or even better a local hospital paid kids a dollar per pound for their candy and they had the option to donate their money to a local food shelf. I found tons of links for my area, but nothing on a national level...gonna have to Google it kids!

Hope your Halloween is Spooktacular and the Sugar Witch comes to your town!


  1. Ew, I don't even want to thik about all that gross cheap candy. I usually toss it or use it when the candy at the door gets low. That's right, trick or treaters are getting back the candy their parents gave my kid.

    I love the Sugar Witch idea prolly might steal it and donating the candy. I just wish we'd stop the whole passing out junk thing. I know, Bah humbug biatches.

  2. Love the sugar witch idea!!!

  3. Great idea!

    Perhaps the bearded high-fructose corn elf will be making the rounds in these here parts this year.

  4. Since I was a little kid (back when God created dirt) I've been addicted to salt and sugar. Thank God I got them both under control about 5 years ago.

    God bless and have a wonderful week :-)

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  5. This is such a clever idea! I think that's awesome that you can even donate your candy to a local hospital. I never knew you could do that. I don't have kids, but when I do, this is definitely somehting that I will have to keep in mind!

  6. Love the idea. Recently read about the Candy Goblin, perhaps the Sugar Witch's long lost brother. :) Donating it would be beneficial for my son's teeth and mama's thighs!
    Glad I found your blog and look forward to more posts.

  7. I'm super glad you re-posted! This is great! I'd have never found the posting otherwise! {maybe}

  8. What a fabulous idea! I wish I would have known of this, when my girls were little. I just used to siphon off handfuls every day, without them knowing, until there was very little left.

    Have a fabulous Halloween. And enjoy every second of it, it goes too fast. For the first year, I have no one going trick or treating. *Sniff*

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone. True, candy is the devil. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I would probably eat it all if I didn't get rid of it!

    And I have frequently done the candy re-pass. Still shocked at the kids who carry pillow cases to trick or treat...

    Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

  10. This is the greatest idea ever - totally stealing this one. Great way to get it out of the house and out of my mouth and the little one too.


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