October 04, 2011

Who's Stalking? #SingleParentsTalking

Guess what I did last Friday night?  No, I did not go on a date.  No, I did not do laundry.  Oh, what's that, spa...um, no.  Myself and my Single Parent blogging Tribe, Side Effects of Single Parenting, moderated our very first Tweet and Meet.  For those of you saying, "huh?", there is a 2 minute video to explain below, thanks to Christina and Beard for helping me out on this.

Pretty safe assumption that I will never get a date again, after that video {you better really go back and watch it now and not just say you did}.  The chat started innocently enough as a way for me and my fellow tribe members to get to know one another.  Before we knew it, we had up to 25 single parents tweeting along with us!  The single parents asked for more, and we listened and are making it a regular Friday night chat.  We had an inkling there was a need for a single parent connection of some sort, but were pleasantly surprised at the turn-out, and without any promotion at that.  But now I'm promoting, so tell your friends.  I'm so excited to Tweet again Friday!  Look what Triberr went and started!

Side Effect of Single Parenting Tribe

Tribe Description:
What Single Parents don't want you to know, and what they are up to when they aren't out at the bar or on Match.com. We also might blog about our kids from time to time. My hope this tribe can serve as a network, sounding board and support system to Single Parents as well.

Applicant Requirements:
Single Parents, Moms and Dads, who blog with a bit of humor and class {easy on the Ex bashing please}. Posts do not have to be about Single Parenting or Co-Parenting. Being a single parent affects every facet of life, so blog about life. You don't have to be "Single" to join the tribe. Single parents that are dating, in relationships, engaged, married but once were single parents, and all the rest of the jaded single parent masses are welcome to put in an application. The chief also doesn't dig giveaways, unless it's something really, really good. I understand this is subjective so I will give you an example:

Air fresheners=bad

Anything you are blogging about for compensation=probably not.

All expense paid trips to somewhere tropical {Nanny included, because who are we kidding, we can't find a sitter for a week} = Go for it, sign me up, and welcome to the Tribe.

Legal Disclaimer: This Tribe cannot help you collect child support, just sayin'.

Confused and want to know more about Triberr?

Solitary Mama explains it to the masses, here

A fellow Triberrer tells all, here

Tribe Members:

Cari, that's Me! The Chief, by title only, we're a democracy, www.bubblegumonmyshoe.com

Solitary Mama

Beard and Pigtails

An Immediate Memoir

Mutant Supermodel

Life with Dylan

Magic 27

Chasing Serenity

Wyatt Burps

Check out the Side Effects of Single Parenting Tribe on www.Triberr.com. If you are a single parent blogger interested in joining the tribe, e-mail me at bubblegumonmyshoe@yahoo.com, for more information.


  1. Wow!! Cari, it's going to be YOU that changes the world. :) I had no idea the tribe was going to be so thoroughly instated. You are quite the leader and Chief. I'm honored to be in your tribe.

  2. Honored as well. It's a great tribe to be a part of and the Tweet and Meet is a great way to get to know others. Great job on the vlog, Cari. Really diggin Beard's beard.

  3. Thank you again so much for the invite, it is an honor. You are so organized, I want to be like you when I grow up! ;-) I didn't get to make last Fridays tweet and meet, but I will do my best to be there this Friday. Loving the opportunity to connect with so many new people, Triberr is great! Hopefully my IFail can keep up with the tweetfest. :-P

  4. You guys are an amazing group! Excited going forward as well!


    @Christina- You are smokin'hot,only hope I did your virtual Stache justice!

    @Angel-Looking forward to it!

    Beard totally needs to trim that up, it just looks creepy;-)

  5. OMG, hilarious video! I have to say, once again, you are the bravest gal I know. LOVE all that awesome facial hair (and the deep voice). U rocked it.

  6. Beard kinda looks like Moses with jewelery. Someone get him/it a Schick, stat!

    Nicely done vid', and looking forward to meeting single parents at the #SingleParentsTalking chat.

  7. Love the video Cari! You got guts momma ... let us know how many dates you get from this. ;)

  8. Thanks guys, brave? Crazy? I think the words are interchangeable here.

    @Beard- Haha! What? The likeness is off? Yes, Moses, except I will be walking in the desert called "Singletown" for the next 40 years!

    @Michelle- Here are the stats so far..
    Tribe members lost due to my shenanigans= 0
    Blog followers questioning my sanity= 99%

    See all you amazing single parents Friday night, FYI, I will be tweeting without facial hair!

  9. I love it - Single Parent Stalking sounds way more Friday night :)


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