November 08, 2011

Mom vs. The Cat: A Daughter's Plea, You Decide

Monday my kids were home from school sick.  Naturally we did what any normal household does on sick days...we vlogged!  What started as my daughter interviewing me quickly turned to a conversation about pets, i.e. cats, and why she needed one.  My children beg daily for a furry friend.  I told her to convince you, America, to convince me to get her a cat. 

Seeing as it was Election day today yesterday, this post is perfect post for such an occasion.  But also seeing as it is no longer election day, the polls are closed.  Enjoy this piece of cinematic-no make-up-wearing-cough-cough-hacking genius.


*NOTE*  The cuteness behind the blog, Beard and Pigtails, vlogged a response to Audrey's cat plea.  Despite the fact that I'm being ganged up on by children here, it's worth a peek.


  1. Never believe any child who says she will feed and clean after a pet. LOL! We parents have fallen for that promise too many times!! The dog was my choice, but I'm now the caretaker for a frog (reared from tadpolehood) and a tank of fish...and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I don't care what kind it is, pets are good for kids. I vote for getting the cat!!

  2. I've had my cat (the best birthday present I've ever had, from my now-ex) since waaaaay before the girls were born, so this is a no-brainer for me. Tom is the perfect counterpart to the girls' type of crazy. GET A CAT!

  3. I vote for the cat! Pets are great. lists tons of rescue cats close to where you are, I highly recommend them.

  4. Cat conspirators. :-) Oh, also pretty sure my daughter is part robot.

  5. Uh has she ever cleaned a litter box? My daughter wanted one too and I told her she had to practice with grandma's cat at her house, which included cleaning the litter box. She has not asked for a cat since. Plus I cannot stand pet hair of any kind and cat hair is disgusting.

    Audrey sure is cute though. Still I vote NO.

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  7. My Dad LOVES cats! He is definitely on Audrey's side for this. Haha. I think you guys should get a cat though. We have two and they're a great addition. Although, I do get bitter sometimes when I have to leave the house to go to school or work and they're all snuggled up taking a nap. Be prepared for jealousy to take hold of you.

  8. I recommend a quick test to see if your daughter is up to the task. Go ahead and refrain from flushing the toilet for 3 - 5 days. Then have her scoop out the bowl with a slotted spoon. If she can handle it, she's ready. Or maybe start slow with a pet rock?

    Is that a nose itch or pick?

  9. I'm a cat person! My vote is for the cat. They are kinda like babies at first then it's cool when they get older. But with the possibility that she may or may not feed it I would start with a hamster or something, maybe fish :)

  10. My daughter SO wants a cat too but I'm on your side!!! Pretty cute video though! :)
    We just recently adopted a dog and it's been great! She's so playful and has become my daughter's best friend. But she still thinks she needs a cat too and has threatened asking for one from Santa! Too bad I told her that Santa only brings things that Mom approves of!

  11. As a fellow Mom who caved to the cat wishes of someone small, blinky, and cute, I gotta be honest with you, it turned out to be a great idea. Yeah, I feed the cat and clean up after it, but it's not been bad at all. Also, I might be telling you this so I'm not alone. But mostly, you should totally get a cat for your small, blinky cuteness.

  12. @Amy-Thanks for commenting. Yes, it is probable that I will end up caring for this cat...IF, we get a cat. When it comes down to it, children will promise you their left arm for pretty much anything, and when it's time to pay the piper...they need their arm all of a sudden?!

    @Magic-You use the word "crazy" and this intrigues me...we too have a wee bit o' crazy in the house.

    @SingleMama- We will definitely adopt a cat, should we ever get a cat. We 'stumbled' onto a pet adoption last weekend and my kids played with the cats for an hour.

    @Christina Cat Hater- I knew you'd have my back. Pretty sure you're my twin, except I'm Asian.

    @Amanda- Yep, have to say that's one of the reasons deterring me...I'd really like to be the one laying around the house all day.

    @Beard- Seriously? ITCH! However, the fact that I do post these would make a person wonder, I have no shame. Haha, I will try your experiment and let you know how it goes. Or not, no I totally can't do that.

    @Ramona-Key word, "babies". No Hamsters, too smelly. We have had 3 fish, Dory I, II and III, RIP, doesn't look good for us.

    @Sarah- Whoa, cat and dog? No way! Santa would totally be fired for that!

    @Kara- I forgot you got Ellie a kitten. Now, I respect your opinion because, well your smart {as are all these other lovelies} and I know you were skeptical at one point. Maybe we need to talk. Autism dogs=Autism cats?

  13. Your daughter got my vote on the "cat boots." Hahaha... She makes a good argument Cari! I think she should be a legislator in your country :)

    Cat rules!!!

  14. There you go, you've got a cat whisperer for a daughter! :)

    My daughter and I always have the great pet debate, and we never come to a resolution. It's something we moms have to face throughout our mommy lives, I guess.

    Get your kid a puppy instead? :)

  15. @Ria- The "cat boots" is my favorite part. And it concerns me a little. She has been know to treat her cousin's cat like her "baby", that cat might indeed be wearing cat boots. And yes, the kid is stubborn, don't know where she gets it.

    @Pepper- Dog!? No, dog lover I am, but no time or room for a pup. It's tough, pets teach great responsibility, and perhaps keep kids entertained for hours. Debate is still going, although, I feel like I'm losing here.

  16. I just have to say that Audrey was so sweet towards the end of the vlog :). My heart turned to Jell-O in an instant...

  17. You know how I'm voting. I know your not a cat "lover" shall we say, but they are one of the easiest pets to have. And I'm being honest b/c I've had fish, gerbils, multiple cats, and b/c I thought growing up w/a dog would be good for my boys, "I" now have a dog (who is 10 times more work than the cat)....including the litter box. This is my shout out to CUPID--most awesome cat ever!


  18. @Ali- I cannot believe you have a dog either. And yes, CUPID was hands down the best cat ever! That being said, you also had the worst cat ever, Nala! I still have scars, devil cat. When your boys ran in fright from Nala? That.


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