November 03, 2011

This Is Not a Post About Co-Parenting

Well my apologies to anyone who read my horrid post today, a fantastic whoops moment if I do say so.  I suppose that is what happens when you schedule a post for a Thursday, start writing the post on a Tuesday, forget to finish and edit the post and publish a work of crap, only to figure it out half way through the day. 

Suffice it to say, I have lost my blogging mojo on the topic of Co-Parenting for tonight, and will finish it another time.  I also apologize for using the word, "hooker", won't happen again...well at least in this post anyway.  So because I have lost said mojo, I shall just post a picture of my children and hope the whole thing blows over.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, or, are still reading, then carry on.

Also, why do men with no front teeth always hit on me?  Is there something about me that screams, "Hey, I dig guys with no teeth, ask me out"?  Just wondering if anyone could clarify?  Now this post seems like a super long Facebook status, and I'm going to shut up.  Behold my pride and joy...

Witch and Ninja Turtle

The boy also has no idea what a Ninja or a Ninja Turtle is, he just had to have the turtle with muscles costume.


  1. too cute. that witch doesn't look so sassy to me. ;)

  2. too cute. Wait til they're grown up and you can do a post with all of the costumes they've worn thru the years. That's gonna be hilarious

  3. Now, I can't get that "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme song out of my head! :) ... Good times!

    About the "men with no front teeth" thing, I have a theory, but it may be too kinky to post here. I'll just send you an email ;)

  4. Okay so I LOVED the post unedited... does that mean I would think you were fabulous late night - super tired and shooting strait from the hip?? I think that is a yes.

  5. @Cam- Looks can be deceiving, trust me.

    @Christina- Oh yeah, Halloween through the years, when I remember to take a I almost didn't this Halloween, oops. Note the night-time 1/2 assed camera phone pic, at least I remembered!

    @Pepper- No email necessary, I DON'T want to know, I will live in my blissful naivety.

    @Nessa- Thanks! You're such a good cheerleader. And all those things describe me on a daily basis:-)


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