December 12, 2011

Blogs or Posts I Won't Read and Why

I'm feeling particularly cranky today. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could track my menstrual cycle by my rant posts...yeah, sorry TMI. But I've been blogging for awhile and there are some posts that I cannot bring myself to read. Even from some of my dearest, sweetest, most talented bloggers. This is just my personal take, what you do and don't do is your prerogative; I already suspect you may have low standards, as you are reading my blog.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion, doesn't mean its right or wrong, just the way I feel, blog on people!

Without further adieu, here is my list of things that will make me exit your blog post:

Asking for handouts:

Seriously don't act appalled. I've seen this and it rubs me the wrong way. You know you'll see the little Amazon/Pay Pal widget in the sidebar. These bloggers aren't asking for money for the kids in Africa or blogging for birth kits, no, they are asking for money for cameras, engagement rings and just handouts for you getting the pleasure of reading their blog. If you're selling your wares or books, I'm cool with that. I just can't justify giving you my hard earned cash for some jewelry you  'want'. You know I have a sophisticated palette, maybe I'll add a widget so you all can pay for my fancy cheese addiction. NEXT....

Stealing Recipes:

I love to cook ya'll. I am a recipe whore. I probably own more cookbooks than the local library. That being said, if you have a recipe to share, every other day, I'd like you to make it and tell me about it {kudos to the bloggers that do, I'm reading}, don't  just copy and paste the picture and send me to another blog. Making that recipe could be good blogging material. Did your kitchen burn down, did you slice open a finger, and how many times did you go to the store for forgotten ingredients or curse out Martha Stewart?  Just me? I think not.

Product "Reviews" and Giveaways:

I don't even click on the post if you're reviewing or giving something away. The day someone gives away and all inclusive vacation to paradise, I'll be there, until then, I don't want to read another canvas print review, sorry. Glad you got your free print, I just don't want one. I get solicitation to "review" products all the time. But sorry Hallmark, me buying 3 of your books to review and give away on my blog isn't my kind of deal. I even passed up free zoo tickets, possibly a moronic move on my part. Word of warning, I will be doing another I love you cheese company "thank you" review soon because they keep sending me cases of expensive cheese; hypocrisy at its finest. That cheese company has me right where they want me. Smart, very smart.

Now if the utility company would like me to review, oh, electricity, I'll make an exception, for a discount off my bill of course. 

Book Reviews:

Okay, I'll probably read your book review. I like books and contrary to popular belief, I can read. So I thought I'd do a quick book review here for you.
My kid's fave

"This was a nice, easy read. I highly recommend it."

-Bubble Gum on My Shoe's first official book review


I'll admit that I am a couponer. Not a coupon Nazi, who has time for that? Nevermind.  Plus with my son's very restricted diet and the fact that I cook and don't buy frozen dinners by the truckload, useful coupons for me are near obsolete. I have my sites that I check for the organic coupons and am on email lists for the things I need. That stuff is expensive; I need all the help I can get. But I won't be needing coupons for 18 cans of creamed corn for a dollar, so I'll probably pass. Thanks for having my best interest at heart though.

Vote for ME:

To end, I thought I'd put a linky up just so this is a well rounded post, and we could all piggyback; but I don't know how to do that, and I'm lazy. So I'll talk about one more thing that makes me stabby, voting. This is a tricky area. Why? Because I have fully pimped and begged for votes for "TOP 25 BLAH BLAH BLOGGER" and what did it get me? That pink circle over there in the sidebar. That's it! Can I just say how stressful those stupid contests are?  Yes, I let myself get swept away in the excitement of it all, and come on if you blog, you love validation.

You almost have to beg for votes so you don't look like a loser and come in dead last.  There are top notch marketing manipulators masterminds behind these Top Blogger shenanigans.  So sincere thanks to all who voted for me daily, weekly or once to shut me up. If I like your blog, I'll vote for ya, sure I will, once or twice, but then I'll forget. You reminding me every day....well that just might make me not want to vote anymore. And hey if you need votes for an Extreme Home Makeover, or a kidney transplant,  I will be loyal to a fault.  But the buttons at the end of every post? Please. For what? Is that really necessary? 

This post is dedicated to the Tribe of No.  See my Triberr badge over there, you could give me a click...I'll be taking that down in two days.  How about giving me some Klout?  Don't you know all of this stuff is accurate?


  1. ahahah and you added the karma button. So proud of you. You're lucky I love you cuz everyone else is gonna hate you. hahahaha.

    I hate this stuff too. Bring it.

  2. Girl, I had barely hit publish and I already lost followers and got "meanie" tweets. Alright. Hey, I'm guilty of almost all the above, but nobody has to read it if they don't want to.

    I really feel much better now.

  3. Well you just gained a NEW follower! BTW, can I have a dollar.

  4. UGH I'm TOTALLY WITH YOU - it's even worse coming up to xmas!! xx

  5. THis is so funny... love your first book review. Very informative.

    I am a shabby apple dress giveaway crazy lady. I want one of those dresses so bad but I can't justify $80 for something that I have no place to wear and that becomes my daughters napkin by hour one. Oh, but if I win one...

  6. I agree with you 100%. Do I want/need extra money? Yes, especially for the holidays. I've been told I "have an awesome blog that would benefit from a few giveawaya." No thanks. I'll just be awesome in my corner.

  7. Thanks for the support friends. Apparently I have ruffled some feathers, but I expected it. If I already read your blog and you have a giveaway post, I'll still read your blog, maybe not that post...unless you do giveaways all the time, then maybe not so much.

    @Daddy's In Charge- Obviously by reading my post you will see that I need to pay my followers, checks in the mail.

    @Nessa- Girl, if something catches your eye, go for it. I'm not against it, it's just something I usually don't participate in. I'm too lazy maybe. There is no right or wrong. Free stuff is always good.

    @Erica- Our blogs are our little piece of the world, and everyone can write, giveaway whatever they like. But it doesn't appeal to me either. If you do a wine giveaway, I'll supply the cheese.

  8. I do not read people's blogs if they ask for things (unless it's for a cause), review things, or waste my time begging me for votes. Which is why I am here. :)

  9. You're funny! I couldn't agree with you more. However, I think you need to take the zoo tickets. Taking your kids to the zoo is awesome blog fodder, especially when the monkeys are eating their feces.
    And congrats on getting free cheese. Honestly, I would do reviews for free stuff but nobody asks me. They don't even ask me to buy their products for me to review...I'm starting to take this personally...

  10. Voting for contests is the worst. I do it out of some sort of masochistic sense of obligation, but only if it's a really close blog friend. I totally ignore giveaways and contests. I just don't want any more crap in my house.

  11. Whew!
    I'm glad you skipped my category....that being-
    I've absolutely nothing worth saying, but I'm bored enough to type whatever pops into my head at the time- blog.
    Besides, there are only two blogs out there worth following...BGOMS and ITLT. :) but I'm a little biased.

    I hope you keep it up...

  12. You go girl. You don't play the blog game right, and I like that about you.

  13. Awesome post! Lmao, I about died at the book review. :-P I feel the same way, I will never do a giveaway/review, I barely have time to actually write my own blog. Now, if you want to pay me to link your site to a word I was going to use in a post anyway, who am I to say no to some freeby cash.

    Again, love this post, tweet tweeting it as we speak. Hilarious!

  14. You gained this follower. I don't like any of the above either.

  15. Count me as a new follower. ;) And I am not even offended that you don't want to read all the book reviews on my blog! Sometimes I don't even want to read them. :P

  16. Dang it, you won't let me post up "My Little Pony Princess Tea Set" reviews or share to the world the juicy details of my loose single dad lifestyle. That leaves me with nothing. I got nothing.

  17. @Maeve's- And thank you. I tried 6 times to put the Top Mommy Blogs widget at the bottom of my post, I see it all the time...didn't work, must be a sign; but it would've been funny:-)

    @Sandra- I know, what was I thinking? But I thought if I take the zoo tickets, it's a slippery slope, then what? Well then I'd be reviewing ketchup or something. Don't take it personally, I probably look desperate.

    @Mandy- Haha, I don't want anymore crap in my house either! There is a sense of blogger obligation to vote...ugh. Yes, close friends I will vote the heck out of, unless the company wants my email and phone number...then they're on their own.

    @Suzi- Nothing useful to say IS MY CATEGORY. I like your blog. I also like bias in my favor. Big fan of that.

    @Bonnie- You either! Thank goodness! I need to find you on Stumble!

    @Angel- Thanks hon! Book reviews are daunting, labored over that one. I do hand it to the peeps that do it, I couldn't. Bloggers are a force to be reckoned with no doubt, I see why companies chase them; I just wish the bloggers would be a bit more selective. The bad ones ruin it for everyone.

    @Kelli- Thank you and welcome. This blog is crazy town, consider that your warning. :)

    @Linus- Haha! I do believe there is a distinct difference in the majority, but not all, of book reviews. In that, I probably won't read or take a book seriously that someone has been paid to write about. Not often you will get an honest opinion. Book reviews written because the blogger chose to write a review on a book they like is different.

    @Beard- Well if you weren't out with a new girl every night or running in wooded areas you might stand a chance. Get the lead out and blog about it, I encourage it.

  18. I'm going to have my period soon too, so I do understand what you're going through :)

    Catharsis is good. Let your blog be an avenue for that. I think I may be guilty of some of the points you raised :)

    Yes, we all do love validation. It feeds our hungry egos. I know it makes my day- especially during my period.

    Love your blog, Cari.

  19. I totally read through this worried I'd see myself.

    Dude, how do I get in on that cheese with you?!

  20. Add the widget and I'd gladly donate to your raspberry cheese obsession! :)

    If you could tell me where to look for coupons for organic stuff... that would be awesome.

  21. @Pepper- Thanks, I'd high five you some ibuprofen if I could. Maybe all my blog friends are on the same cycle; Beard included.

    @Singleish- Haha, oh don't let me scare you. You're good. If I give away my cheese secrets, all will be lost. But basically write a post about something you like with no expectation and hope for the best. I'm writing about liquor next.

    @Cam- Oh you're sweet. That's okay, I get tons of free cheese. I will email you the list, yes, coveted are the organic coupons.

  22. "Maybe all my blog friends are on the same cycle; Beard included."

    Oh jeez, manpons, are we going there in this thread?

  23. Would you say you have more cookbooks or more 3/4 sleeve black sweaters? ; )

    Also, regardless where you come in on the voting list, you are TOTALLY pinkalicious in my book, sister!

  24. @Beard- I don't know what you're talking about, I deny everything.

    @Kara- WHOA, Barbara Walters!!! That's tricky, you know I'm going to count and blog about it don't you? :) Thanks, you're pretty pinktastic yourself, lady!

  25. Loved it started blogging just as a way to let of steam saw the bit for the Addsense thing and the Amazon thing stuck them up there and then I thought. Hang on, what do I do when I get a cold caller, why I tell them to (sorry) F off, and I thought the addsense and Amazon adds were a bit like cold calling, so took them off and felt much better. I do recipes, but you can see the last meals dirty plates waiting on the side to be washed as I photo and post them too.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. @Tom- Good grief, I posted a response and it showed up in triplicate, then I accidentally deleted them all. Are you sure you want to follow me? I'm a hot mess. Recipes you say? Heading over to check out your blog.

  28. Hi my sweet, sounds like you are a=having as bad a day as me, Hopiung I get this message before my ultra reliabl;e Samsung Laptop, that has suddenly, developed a case of "I don't want to frigging play with you or anyone else today" (maybe I should do a blog on that) packs in again. But that's my week stuffed my desktop and then dropped my portable hard drive, so we may be kindred spirits

  29. Hehe... LOVED this post! I found myself nodding and saying, "yes! Yes!!" every time you ranted about another obnoxious bloggy faux pas! I too receive solicitations CONSTANTLY from companies who want me to write a sponsored post, and I just never answer them. I know I should be polite and at least let them know that I think reviews generally suck (I mean, generally the reviews themselves are glowing... sucky reviews obviously wouldn't get many people to buy)... but I generally often feel that reviews can make for a sucky blog... and since I do not wish my blog to be headed for suckdom, I politely refuse to nurse my blog from the giant industrial advertising teat.

    I write a humor blog, and coupons aren't funny... neither are posts begging for votes, etc, etc. Or posts saying, "I'm awesome...everyone loves me, so look at my award..." So I don't write them. However, I will soon be challenged to break one of my own rules for the sake of making fun of said swollen and veiny commercial teat. If you have any interest, check out my blog and watch out for a post titled "Who Wants to See my Butt?" It promises to be be a unique take on the review process!

    I've probably pissed off a fair amount of people with this comment so far, and I will be the first to admit that my blog is far from perfect! I'm just now learning what I really do and don't stand for with my blogging, and I will soon be overhauling my site to remove a lot of the unnecessary "Check out my awesomeness" buttons and badges. Onward and upward, I guess!

    Anyhoo, I'm a new GFC follower! Looking forward to reading more!

    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  30. @Jenn- No blog suckdom allowed! I have no doubt if you do a review or giveaway, there is bound to be a tinge of hilarity involved. I'll be reading because you'll make it interesting. There is a difference between rewarding our readers or cramming crap down their throat because we can and someone is paying us a nickel to do so. I need to do some spring cleaning around this joint too. I'd proudly post a badge like, "look who lost all the baby weight", and it would include glitter naturally. Now THAT is an award!

  31. Newest follower...via Bloggy Moms (Single mom group). Good for you standing up for what you feel and saying exactly how you what if you loose a few will gain those back in followers that can appreciate honestly. Looking forward to reading more. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

  32. @Jenelle- Thanks for following. I think I'd rather say what's on my mind, than worry about pleasing anyone. It is my blog after all. Going to check yours out.


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