December 05, 2011

Bubble Gum On My Beard: To Infinity & Beyond

Single parenting a child of the opposite sex can lead to confusion, anxiety and perhaps drinking.  How long can you drag your son into the women's restroom with you?  How does a single Dad manage to buy the correct bra size when guys seem to have some genetic malfunction with the bra latch-ability alone? 

I've invited Beard, from Beard and Pigtails, over to help tackle the gender issue.  He's a single Dad raising a girl, and I'm a single Mom raising a boy.  {Psst. I'm over on his blog today.}  I asked if he wanted to make an even trade, and swap kids, but no dice.  Pigtails is pretty cute, I guess I'd keep her too.  According to our posts, we really don't have any answers to offer you, but maybe a glimpse of what's to come mixed with some been there, done that.

Oh, and Beard's been here before, so you can catch up here and right here.

Bubble Gum on My Beard: Solo Parenting to Infinity and Beyond

What does the future hold for this dad raising a little girl? She'll be a teen in four summers, which is also when my hair will give up the brown.

None of us know what's up there beyond the bend, but it's fun to squint ahead.

Soon she'll be surfing the curfew line and compulsive begging for a cell phone as I flick away her pimply boyfriends.

First bra (for daughter, not me) and Cousin 'Shelle (Aunt Flow's daughter) dropping by as Pigtails huffs the crabby hormones.

So many questions.

Will my kid seek me for girl advice or opt out and confide in her mom? I hope she'll come to me.

Will she latch to good friends and stay sweet? I've found I can help shape the gang she hangs out with by carefully selecting the school I drop her in. But will what I've taught her stick when she's let into the wild at college?

Will her mom set reasonable boundaries or will I fight a tide of indifference and loose expectations on the other side? I hope my kid doesn't side with the parent that's most lenient.

Will she take after her dad and have a hankering for running or will she choose chess club instead?

Will I marry or end up a bearded guinea pig recluse?

Who knows?
Who cares.
Fun times await!

Pigtails and I will hike and bike, run and repel.

Camp beside mountain streams, sailboat ocean swells and burn red on the beach.  Rail Europe and chronicle our adventure, Beard and Pigtails one-two keyboarding the blogosphere.

Maybe we'll take in a foster child.

So far, so good with this man raising a daughter. Surprisingly, she didn't mark down a wallet on her Christmas wish list, and has yet to mimic me shaving my scratch. Although I'd better get a handle on that burping thing at dinnertime. We both laugh after ripping a good one. I can only imagine how that first date of Little Miss Mega-Belch will play out.


Thanks for guest posting Beard!

Now friends hop over to Beard and Pigtail's and see how I managed to whittle writing the word penis down from eight to one!  That's talent folks.


  1. yeah, I'd say roll with it as it comes and she'll be fine. I've considered foster children and even joining the big sister/big brother organization here. Lots of kids don't have even one parent to spend time with.

    Sounds like you and Pigtails have lots of fun ahead of you ;)

  2. Like Christina said it sounds like you're going to have a load of fun - it'll be an adventure, perhaps a tough one at times but the hilarious parts will outway any of the bad bits.xx

  3. Thanks for hopping over on my blog Beard. I'd say you've done a good job thus far. If it were me, I'd trade the the flicking {boyfriends} and get a fire arm...but that's just me.

  4. She will choose the parent she trust the most. It doesn't matter if you are a guy. Just let her know that you can/will talk about anything and that is all that will matters.

  5. very cute! I love the flicking boyfriends line but you're right about getting the belching thing under control. That is, if you WANT her to have a boyfriend. If not, the belching thing could totally work in your favor.

  6. As you're flicking boyfriends, you can chant "He loves her, he loves her not..."

    Yup, just roll with the punches, I guess. We never really know what's in store for us.

    I guess a "father instinct" exists too. You, Beard, will know what to do when challenging times come. Keep the faith :)

  7. @Christina - I've got a kid in mind you can take on if you decide to welcome in a foster child. She likes little rodents and stuff.

    @Jen - Fun times and a bald head are waiting for me up there ahead in the future. I think kids are more fun the older they get. The teen years will be full of laughs more than stress. All in how you raise 'em.

    @Cari - Already packing heat, a Remington 870 pump action.

    @Nessa - Agree, hope we are both correct. Bra talk and stuff coming soon, I just know it.

    @Cam - Suppose I should try and get my own belching problem under control before throttling back Pigtails' uncouth utterances.

    @Pepper - Thanks Pepper, appreciate it!

  8. The ideal family are children together with their parents. The parents are responsible for the taking care of their children.

  9. I just want to say I'm confused by Heelys Shoes' comment.

  10. Erica, I know. It's spam for sure, every once in a while spam sneaks through and says something totally moronic which could be translated as human. But I agree, very confusing. It sorta of ticks me off, and I won't be buying any sneakers with wheels...ever.

    I'm going to go Spam Heely's site and say, "The ideal shoe is one you can wear. People are responsible for wearing shoes." And I'm not even saying anything about the stupid wheels.

  11. Awh man! Let me know if you need backup and I'll threaten them with unleashing my children all up in their space.


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