January 13, 2012

Alright Bloggers, I'm ASKING For Advice, And I Know You Want To Give It!

I've gone rogue. More than usual, that is. I have had this plan for a while and am finally going to bite the bullet. I'm saying bye-bye to my little slice of Internet here and buying my own. Yep, I'm moving! I'm not sure how long I've been blogging now, seems like too long.  I have yet to receive Blog of Note, humph. Goodbye Blogger hello self-hosted Word Press.
Say What? I'm Lost:

For all you non-blogging types it means this: and I only know because I googled it. As of now I blog for free, free platform here run by big brother Google. Word Press is also another free platform, but has lots of bells and whistles (plug-ins). Self-hosting means I choose my own host, hence, I own my work. Right now, I'm blogger's biznitch, and me no likey. They can shut me down anytime they want, or screw my stuff up, or delete me or my comments. Or make it unbearable to even compose a post.  No control, capesh? Plus, I just don't like it.

What This Means for You, Dear Reader:

I just adore the heck outta all you readers, so this is why I'm giving you a heads up. I will still have the same URL, www.bubblegumonmyshoe.com; however, if you have subscribed to me in a reader, especially Google Friend Connect, we won't be connected anymore. You used to be able to transfer GFC, but no longer, Google is greedy and won't share, so you'll have to Bookmark me, add me in your Google reader manually, or subscribe via Facebook, Networked Blogs or email. On the bright side, once this is all said and done, you'll be able to receive my witty and snarky responses to your comments via email. I'm only reminding you this once, I love you; don't let this break us up, okay? 

Blogger must have seen this coming as they just rolled out the new reply to each comment dealio.  Hate it.  Slow to load, screwy and frankly more work.  The commenter still doesn't know you replied unless they check back or reply to comments.  I stopped subscribing to comments long ago, because frankly my email was out of control.  Nice try, blogger; too little, too late.

So long, Farewell,KABOOM!

You can actually pay people to do this flawlessly for you. But like I said, I'm a rebel and decided to do this myself. Most hosts have handy dandy programs to make this easy for you, and I've been doing my research. What is the worse that could happen? Okay right, I blow up my blog. But I backed it up, so I can try again. I do not know when we will meet again; I have this scheduled for next Monday, so expect the unexpected or a flippin' miracle. Pray for me, that's what I'm sayin'.

Alright, tell me now are you on Blogger or Wordpress or Self-Hosted? Pros and Cons please and did anyone make the switch on their own? I need a degree of difficulty here.

If you are self-hosted, who is it or who do you recommend?

Until we meet again....I promise shiny.


  1. Eeeek. Now, I normally shy away from these kind of comments but you did ask...

    I hate WP. I've been blogging for...uhm.....10 years at least. I've had blogger the entire time. I've played with WP and hated it. Over the past decade I've seen dozens and dozens of my blogger friends switch to WP and hate it, struggle with formatting and permissions and such......every few years there seems to be a wave moving to WP and honestly mostly they all go back.

    As a reader, I hate the WP log-in-per-blog function and it usually makes me NOT read a blog if it's hosted on WP. And I've had problems viewing certain blogs (in Firefox and Chrome) because of formatting struggles on the bloggers end. That's annoying.

    Over the years, WP seems to go down far more often than Blogger does and that's annoying as a reader and user.

    I've hosted myself before and honestly it just wasn't worth it. I also do not enjoy reading blogs in which the writer writes, basically, in order to make money off me and I didn't like writing that kind of blog. And if I'm paying that much money just to write for writings sake........well it just wasn't worth the money or the upkeep when I have the same functions on Blogger. But I made the choice a long time ago...I'm not doing this for any other reason than to get words out and maybe make friends.....I'm not doing this to gain a ton of followers or make $$$.

    Anywho........that's my 2 cents. ;)

  2. I am happy with blogger, myself, but more power to ya!

  3. I was with the free wordpress and then moved to self hosted with Just Host. Somehow figured it out by myself (and this from someone who usually just mashes all of the buttons until something happens.) Never had any problems with anything, been blogging for hella ever. Blog for clients that use the WP platform in fact if you ever blog for anyone else you will most likely need WP experience. By and large, it's all good for me.

    However, one of my nutball clients has the blog on blogspot and I frickin hate it. Idk if it's that difficult to work with (and is frankly plain and wonky compared to WP) or if Im just so familiar w/wp it only seems that way. WP and the WP plugins literally do anything you need. I have searched what I've wanted in the plugin box, found a plugin and installed and it's done. If you need anything, let me know. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.

  4. I am a computer program failure. I have thought about getting my own domain and got confused and quit. Moving to something else is way WAY over my head.But I will find you - where ever you go. :)

  5. Ok, I misunderstoog earlier on the tribe wall. Thought you were already on WP.Moving from blogger to WP is huge ... but so worth it !I made the move 2 months back and no regrets at all. The bells & whistles are so worth it ! I love the plug ins and Wp is not that difficult at all. Although I must admit I was scared to make the move myself and got some professional help just to move the blog. All the best and e-mail me if you have any queries :)

  6. Personally? I hate Blogger. I'm kind of the complete opposite of the first commenter on here. As a matter of fact, lately I haven't been able to comment on Blogger posts without severe headaches (so it's sort of a miracle if this goes through). That has happened so many times. I've never seen WP crash but I've seen Blogger crash, and crash, and crash again.

    I think getting used to Wordpress at first is sort of tricky but like so many things, completely worth it.

    Personally, I also plan on self-hosting a Wordpress blog. The best, most professional, most beautiful blogs I have seen are done this way. To me it's no contest.

    Oh and I already have a hosting site in mind-- Laughing Squid. They're Wordpress pros and I know one of them on Google+ so he's ready when I am and that makes me feel secure.

    There are a lot of posts on this very topic all over the interwebs. You might want to take a look.

  7. OK, my turn. I've been on WP.com since I started and have now purchased server space, domain, etc. I'm going to move to self-hosted too. I've stalled out because I'm trying to get a handle on the whole SEO thing--what do I need to do in order to ensure that I don't lose any of the status I've built.

    Many folks don't realize that you're talking about going to self-hosted WP.org, not the hosted WP.com -- big difference. There are some big limitations to being hosted by WP.com if you plan to continue growing. Some of the cooler plug-ins aren't available, for instance.

    Sooo...I'm right there with you. I blog for work using WP and it really is easy, although I'd like some of the formatting stuff to be better. If you know just a bit of html, you can usually fix formatting issues that way.

    Please share what you learn in the process!!

  8. Let me know how that goes for you, I've been considering it too.

  9. Are you telling me I can't be the worlds biggest blogger by being on Blogger? Good luck! I do like the look that I could get with a WP blog, someday maybe.

  10. Hey, Cari! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you in a post. Check out my post titled "Nominated! Me?!" and you'll be able to see what I wrote about you! Love, Amanda <3

  11. I have been dreaming of having my own web site, domain??? Whatever I need for some time now. Finally last night I registered with a hosting company and as soon as I have time I can hit click and install WP to get going.

    I have never liked Blogger. I also dislike Facebook but that is another rant.

    I knew I could do WP.com but I really wanted to make this next leap.

    Happy 2012 to me. The blogs and features I really like have been WP.

    All the posts I read about making money blogging talk about having your own site etc.

    I cut my teeth last year with my 2.5 blogger blogs and now I am ready to write some books and really put myself out there.

    I found a local MeetUp and joined that is for WP bloggers. Now I can actually participate. hahahahaha

  12. Ah, so you too are going to the dark side.... ;-)
    I don't have anything huge against blogger so far, but I'd like to improve my blog cred and that's makes me want to switch. It seems like such a lot of work, tho. I thought Google Friend Connect could go over to WP with you, but Google is getting rid of Friend Connect in March anyway, from what I heard.

  13. The WP switch will be good, best of luck and let us know what you think a few weeks down the road! And repeat after me: No Ads! No Ads! No Ads!

  14. When all else fails, there's always tech support :)

    I have webhostingpad.com as my host, and so far, they haven't failed me. Their tech support people act right away too. If you act stupid- like I did the first time- they will help you with everything.

    Good luck with the move :)

  15. I agree with much of what C Lo said in the first comment. I'm kind of sad for this news but know you should do what is best for you. I support you in your change, but I don't have to like it!

    I have nothing but problems when I try to upload content to WP (as a guest poster through a blogger network I belong to) or when I try to leave comments on WP blogs, or do pretty much anything on a WP blog. I've gotten to where I also avoid them whenever possible... They are nothing but trouble in my experience.

    I hope I will be able to interact with you at your new digs in the same way I've been able to through Blogger. I'll be sad if it causes me fits like the other WP blogs I've dealt with. I'm hoping for the best. :-)

  16. Kind of late commenting here, but anyway... There are things I wish for over at WP, like the ability to post private or invite-only posts. I also like how when you comment, it shows a link to your last post (I think those are WP comments...). But I also like Blogger a lot. Let me know how it goes. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts.

  17. Thanks everybody!!! So I hit a little snag with my hosting service, nothing major, but it did put me behind schedule a bit. Now the blog move is coinciding with my actual locational move and that's just a bucket of stress; so blogger it is until I'm unpacked!

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