February 29, 2012

It's Just 26 Itsy Bitsy, Teensy Tiny Litte Posts....

Dear Diary, wait, I mean, hi friends!  This is a full disclosure of what's coming down the pike on BGOMS.  Solitary Mama roped me into doing the Blogging A-Z Challenge.  Okay, she didn't force me, it was one of those, "hey, I'm going to the bathroom" then I said, "oh, I'll come with you".  Girl thing, we hang in packs in the bathroom, or Triads.  Crazy type things are more fun with friends who tell you, "No, you're not crazy".

Here's the skinny, Starting April One, you blog about something "A" related, whatever inspires you, then everyday in April, sans Sundays, you blog the next consecutive letter in the alphabet until you reach "Z".  It doesn't have to be long or serious or even funny.  Solitary did "W" is for Weasel last year.  That was one of the first posts I ever read of hers, and I've been stalking her ever since.

Last year the blogging A-Z challenge had over 1300 participants!  It's a great way to meet other bloggers and bring new readers to your blog.  And you know I love me some awesome bloggers and my blogging community!  It's a good way to stretch the writing muscles and find your niche.  I am hoping by Z I will be able to compose a grammatically correct sentence, yes lofty goals.

At any rate, I can not promise you that it will be entertaining, although, I'm certain it will be mildly funny.  I've never really taken my blogging seriously, so I wouldn't start now.  And I also promise not to send all those posts through my Triberr stream, because that's just plain irritating.  I will take any suggestions you might have for a letter, because I need some help {I'll link back to you if I blog your suggestion}.  I might lose followers, well more than usual, if I do "P" is for Punching Kittens, or "W" is for waxing {wait, did that}.  Actually the more obscure the better, seems I have a knack for obscurity.

Comment with your suggestions if you have them, or even better join me...unless you're scared.  I'll be there to support you, read and tell you you are not crazy.

Click above to find out more and put your name on the list, don't wait, nobody likes being last.  I'm number 816.


  1. I signed up to do it with you! I'm going to need the entire month of March to come up with my list of things to post about!!

    1. Oh yay! Can't wait to read! But which blog will you put them on Miss Overachiever? Totally kidding about that, sort of, you just make us single parents with one blog look bad;) I like it!

  2. Yay! Your posts are going to be great! And why not send them through Triberr. It's way better than a picture a day or 40 coupons a day.

    I'm also not planning anything. Nowhere near organized enough to do such a thing.

  3. My level of organization is jotting some ideas down on a piece of scrap paper, which I will undoubtedly pitch in the garbage next week and never realize. That's how I roll. It'll be fun!


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