April 07, 2012

Good Grief, Jesus Wouldn't Want Me Blogging

Disclaimer:  I didn't even edit this bad boy, so good luck to you.  I gave myself 10 minutes to blog, and promised to publish whatever I wrote.  My apologies, you should probably just go now.

Alright, friends, if you are reading this, you should be napping or coloring Easter eggs or at church or something.  It's Easter for goodness sakes.  Here I am frantically attempting to get food prepared and shirts ironed and blasted matching earrings made for my necklace.  It's what I do, I can't not do it.  So, blogging is the last thing on my mind.

I'm going to be really honest, my post ideas for "G" were getting old; i.e. my realization that my eyesight is failing and I might need readers or bifocals or something you buy 8 pairs of at the Walgreens, after I couldn't find the hole in a bead {which I ALWAYS can} and did that squinty holding the bead far away thing to see if it helped. I can't be sure if it did, but I did swear.  I also laughed until I cried because I just realized what I had done and I'm officially old.  Moo-moo's are next baby!

I could've posted about my son, Gabe, but honestly, I don't post about my kids too terribly much.  Trust me there is plenty to blog about there, but I need to get out of my serious rut in this challenge.  So as adorable and cute as he is, I wouldn't know where to start with that kid.

Going in circles flashed in my mind as well.  Seems that is the way my life goes, circular like...and fast.

So now a week into the challenge I bring you my gripes, you'll only hear them once.  I realize this blog everyday from A-Z Challenge is supposed to broaden your horizons, push you to think outside of the box, get used to writing everyday.  Yackity Yak.  Those are the reasons I signed up.  And an un-named Bff totally roped me into it.  But I make my own decisions, and I'm not quitting.  But honestly, my content sucks. I went from blogging twice a week to six times a week.   I'm overloaded.  I feel all snappy, and would do a photo a day for A-Z if I didn't hate loading photos into Blogger more than writing alphabetically.

So hang in there friends, only a few more weeks to go, and I do have some truly funny and thought provoking stuff coming your way.  But you'll have to excuse posts like this, which are more journaling than anything.  But it's what I have to do so my kid isn't wearing his Spiderman jammies to church tomorrow.  

Just a poll.  Out of the fifty plus people I talked to today, 49 of them are making deviled eggs.  Wow!  I guess that does seem like an obvious Easter dish, I have nothing against them.  I've never really considered them Eastery however.  I could take one or leave them.  Just me or are deviled eggs an Easter staple?

Wishing you all a beautiful and joyous Easter!


  1. Moo Moo Check.
    Multiple Glasses Check.
    A-Z Yackity Yak Check.

    Happy Easter to you and the kids! Check!

  2. I strongly dislike deviled eggs, and always thought it ironic they're an Easter dish, since they're called 'deviled'...?

    1. Like I said, one is about all I can handle. But I like egg salad sandwiches. Hmmm. And yes, why 'deviled'? I should get to the bottom of that for "E".

  3. Nope. Deviled eggs? Never been a tradition. Fresh baked bread though? Yes! It's the *rising* and all that body of Christ stuff! Deviled eggs? Hmm...is that like how Santa rearranged spells satan?

    Happy Easter :) !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, we do the bread too! And I always make the same yummy meringue dessert. But 'deviled', yes, don't get it.

      Blessed Easter to you, my friend.

  4. Egg intolerant kid in this house. I don't make 'em, However, they were a staple in my Easter as a kid.

    So...you make your own jewelry for when you need to dress up? Take a step back and realize how intimidating that sounds to the rest of us who would go to Target and throw sumthin' together!

    You're doing great! Happy Easter!

    1. Oh I'm scared of egg intolerance. My kid would probably never get any protein besides peanut butter if we gave up eggs.

      Actually, making jewelry is what I do for a living...I should've specified. I should really make you something for being one of my biggest supporters in this challenge. In PINK!

  5. Cari, enjoy your blog! Too funny. I have a nephew with autism...seems it's becoming more prevalent (sadly.) I agree w/ you that promotions and give-aways can be annoying (except Pioneer Woman - I'll take anything from her any day.) I'm going to check back!

  6. My brother makes the best deviled eggs I have ever had, so I don't know if they are an Easter tradition, I ask him to make them on all holidays. :-)

    I wear contacts chick and still have to do the whole hold it back from me to read it sometimes. Sucks to be near-sighted and going far-sighted too, lmao. I remember when I was younger, my poor mom trying to wrangle me and my brother into our church clothes, I Hated wearing dresses, and seriously whoever designed tights is on my "List".

    Great post, been feeling like I'm burning the candle at both ends too. Hang in there chick!


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