April 17, 2012


This blog is like a roller coaster.  If you're looking for a laugh, you may want to back up to M is for Mullet, from yesterday.  I think I blog better when challenged, especially when someone dares me to blog about something.  Oh yeah, I live for that kind of stuff.  Perhaps that is why I can't be serious for more than two minutes or two posts at a time, so brace yourself.  Does that make my blog like a box of chocolates?  You know, never know what you're gonna get?  Sorry people, I'm the cheap chocolates unlike the fancy ones that have a map that point you right to the caramels. 

I'm going to break into a rant.  Is that a saying?  How about, I'm going off on a rant?  Anyway you slice it, rant forthcoming.  Let me talk about neutrality for a moment.  I feel like I live a subjective life, rarely hard black and white lines.  For instance, I do not consider myself either Democrat or Republican {although I definitely lean a certain way most often}.  I fear that is dangerous to put all of my faith in one party, both parties include scoundrels and misguided politicians who will sell out to the highest bidder.  Does that make me neutral?  I prefer to look at the individual, their record, and their beliefs.  If there is one thing I've learned in this lifetime, it is that people hide behind classifications, categories, religions, and use those perceptions as a mask.  A mask that would make you see them a certain way, yet they couldn't be farther from what they appear.  

I think there is most certainly a place for political correctness.  Yes, I do think oftentimes it goes overboard and we walk on eggshells.  {Oh, if you are new to this blog, a polite reminder to take the word 'retard' out of your vocabulary, thank you from me and the special needs parents I roll with} But people these days live life defensively, high on adrenaline and feeling like they are being attacked.  It is hard to have a good debate or conversation without hurt, drama, mud-slinging and lawsuits.  If life is only black and white, where does compromise reside?  What other option does that leave but neutrality?

All that said, and if by some miracle you are still following my train of thought, when do we fight?  Or not fight? When should we stand up for what we believe in or let it go?  Always?  I think when I was younger I used to believe that, but now I pick my battles.  I try so very hard, to take a moment and step away from what I feel I need to defend and think: 

-Will what I have to say be heard, received and appreciated?

-Is this person trying to gain attention by baiting me or others?

-How will arguing this make an impact, and if so, what kind?

As I grow older I find myself standing on more neutral ground.  I find this disappointing in a way, yet also a sign of growth.  Growth in that, I don't need to spew and argue everything I believe, I need to live it more than preach it.  As most of you have seen, I have my knock down drag-out moments; I am a fearless defender to friends and causes I love.  That won't change.  What has changed is my perception.  How can I shift a situation to make a difference rather than trying to talk louder and longer and sitting in judgment? 

And as I am writing in this moment, I see that this post veered far off course from what I wanted to say.  Kind of love when that happens.  My original thought for this post was how people who only stood on neutral ground annoyed me.  How I would see saying nothing as weak or lacking conviction.   Maybe they just chose their battles?  What is important to me may not be important to you.  Jesus and the Dalai Lama are probably pretty proud of me right now.

And now it is apparent when this post is all said and done, I have really only exposed myself as neutral.

Foiled again by the A-Z Challenge.

Speak up; do you think you should always fight for what you believe in no matter what?  Are there times when we should keep our mouths shut?  If so, does that relinquish the validity of our beliefs? 

Is being neutral a bad thing in your eyes?


  1. Hi, it depends upon whether you want to be considered sitting on the fence. :) Perhaps because as you said, so many shades of grey exist, it is difficult to take a stand. However, if there's something you truly believe in, take a stand and don't give way, regardless of the shelling around you. Matters of morality are ones that should always be defended. It is a fact that anytime two politicians get into bed together, hanky panky is bound to be the result. I have never seen a politician that has nothing to hide. Why is it that only the very wealthy can run for an office? They have a better chance of not having skeletons in their closet that can be found, because they have the money to bury the skeletons. The reason that the poor are always the downtrodden is because the wealthy leaders don't understand the real problems of the poor. They also have a difficult time being Christian because they rarely understand the true meaning. OOPS. Off my soapbox. On to read other posts. Trying to visit all of them before month is out. Best regards to you. Ruby aka Grammy

    1. Ruby, you are adorable. I'm right there with you on the politicians. Glad you said what you did. I suppose I would still say I am either black or white on very large scale important issues,(important to me), but somethings and people aren't worth the fight. Sad to say, but I think duking it out with some people only perpetuates the argument and nothing is gained by either party.

  2. I'm like you, finding the older I get, I want less battles, more peace. I do stand for what I believe, but my only judge is God. I don't need to please people, or prove things. If I live honorably, I have peace. And I believe God will be pleased. Thanks for popping over to the Ballpark! Here's to sore behinds in April!

    1. Glad to return the visit;) And yes, I am weary from this challenge. So agree, I do want less battles, more peace. I think I am at a very peaceful place in my life and hate when that is disrupted by someone else's behavior or ignorance. But they are entitled to their beliefs and I do have respect for those who defend what is important to them.

  3. When I was in eighth grade I did a book report on canaries. The only thing I remember in all this time is the impact of neutral canaries. There are types of canaries that cannot share the same aviary without picking on each other. Common in birds. But place a "neutral" canary in the mix and all is copacetic. More singing and different types of songs to be heard. Neutrality is essential for a diverse population to survive!! We can all sing our songs because there are those that will remain neutral.

    1. If I could fave-STAR a comment, this would be it! Sounds vaguely familiar, like an old friend. Thank you, friend. Glad you have a fresh start, have missed your words.

  4. As always, I really enjoyed this post. I followed your thought process. It seemed to me that you may have even surprised yourself at the end?!?

    I like to think of being "neutral" as being "open-minded". ;P Perhaps it's just that I hate confrontation but having said that, I will defend what I truly believe in to the bitter end. Like you said, I've learned to pick my battles as I've gotten older. Mainly because I'm just too damn tired and cranky. :)

  5. Tiredness does have a lot to do with it. I know many a place I can direct my energy rather than fighting with someone who will never bend or even agree to disagree. I'm glad you followed my thought process there, I wasn't sure I was even going to publish this one, and had it not have been for the challenge; it would still be in my drafts. So a success? Yes. Thanks;)


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