April 19, 2012

Your Burning Questions Answered

This post is all about fun because it will be up for about 2 minutes before my "R" in a few hours.  And I haven't Quit the A-Z Challenge yet!  But I'm not a quitter by nature.  Unless running is involved, I will quit that, but I did finish a 5K once.  I'd rather do an hour of lunges holding a baby on my hip in a bakery with Jillian Michaels than run.  On that note,  I thought it might be fun to do a little Q&A about me!

Q: Are you really a "single Mom" or do you have nannies behind the scenes that help you out?

A: I'm a genuine single mother.  No help, just little old me.  I'm okay with this too, and lead a very happy and fulfilling life.

Q: What are 3 words that describe you?

A:  Hot, Pretty and Smokin' Hot.  Look at me!
I'm hotter than Bowie down there anyway.
He could force a smile for goodness sake.
I bedazzled my eye-patch.

                                                                       Source: ladyislingering.tumblr.com via Miller on Pinterest

Q:  Are you ever accused of being too nice or perky?

A:  Often.  I also say perky things like, "woo-hoo, woot, yay and holla",  then people are offended when I let down the hammer.  I call it the sugar and spice facade.  I'm actually pretty nice 98% of the time.

Q: Why do you blog?

A:  Why not?  Blogging is my escape from life, from Autism, from things I should be doing instead of blogging.  It's a procrastinator's dream.  I love the community and it keeps me off the streets.

Q:  Will you do the A-Z Challenge next year?

A:  As of now I answer with an emphatic no.  I'll probably have myself talked out of that a week after Z.

So friends, why do you blog?

{Answering because I told you to is not a valid answer}


  1. Hahahaha Love it!! You are totally rocking that bedazzled eyepatch!! I blog because I need the sense of getting it out, whateer "it" happens to be. My blog is "mine" and I can say whatever I want there, at the moment it is the only space that is truly mine, and I cherish it.

    Love this, was totally in love with Bowie in Labyrinth, if you tell anyone I'll shave your eyebrow off. :-P

  2. I love it. My eyebrows are my best feature! You have me rolling! I loved the Labyrinth too, that being said, one of my bff's and I were scared of Bowie. Let's just say to this day we still refer to the "Bowie Factor". I don't think I need to elaborate on that do I? Nobody walks around in tights like that and doesn't intimidate.

  3. Nice paint brushinging :) hee hee
    I'm picturing a crown on top...something like a certain Flamingo I know :)

    I do this :) a lot I just noticed...it's all over my facebook page etc. :0 :) ;)
    What's up with that? I'm starting to annoy myself with it!

    Why do I blog? Because no-one in my house will talk to me...it's better (for me) than talking out loud to myself....I've been blogging in my own mind for years...now it's just coming out in type formation ... that's all.


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