May 29, 2012

I Might Need Bail Money...

I have some news.  Some of you might be excited, others of you might curse me and say things like:

"there goes the neighborhood"
"I thought she was sweet"
"Oh, that."

Just kidding about the last one, not pregnant.  But I did give birth to a brand new blog! I know, I know, brilliant segue.  It's nothing really, only the shiniest, coolest, snarkiest Bitchery Triad Blog ever!

We {the triad and I}wrote a post, over there on the blog, it's very funny, head on over to get your fill while Marjorie gets her swear on.

Now skedaddle and go check out what we look like as smokin' hot cartoons.


  1. Oh damn, you're pregnant. That's awesome. I thought you were going to wait until I was pregnant so we could be twinsies. At least MM just got a new kitty. Kinda the same.

    1. Who would've thunk out of the 3 of us, MM would be a Mommy the soonest?! This pregnancy still made me queasy;)

  2. I JUST read the triad blog, like 2 minutes ago, and I still thought, "Oh! She's pregnant!" when you said you had news. My brain is slowly turning to mush.

  3. Wonder who the baby daddy is?

    That's because you have baby on the brain, per our Twitter convo.

  4. OMG, see what happens when I'm like a month behind? I miss all the good stuffs... heading over now to check out the bitchery. Love you, girl!!!


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