January 24, 2013

So I Just Took Down My Xmas Tree

Don't scold me.  Yes, it has been darn near 3 months since I've blogged but I made up probably have a good excuse:

*I've been writing the next great American Novel about Glittery Vampires

*Been stalking this awesome Mama.

*Been in rehab, again, never, maybe, who knows, inevitable

*Contemplating and then ultimately taking my Christmas tree down...a few days ago.

 You choose one.  But really maybe I've just been with my awesome kids, my awesomer new-ish boyfriend and ignoring all my friends, family and obligations.  Yeah, probably that.

So just when you thought I might say something brilliant, I disappoint.  You'll have to settle for THIS mediocre piece of c*$p that miraculously got published. 

Read all about my slacktivism as a good enough mom