Autism Resources

The amount of information on the Internet on Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders can be overwhelming.  Below are a few which I find all encompassing and credible.  That being said, when I was looking for something/anything on the Internet along the lines of "signs or symptoms of Autism", you will find them to be either the worst, or top 10 worst, or so general that it would seem we all have Autism.  Should you think your child may have Autism {1 in 150 kids do, 1 in 89 boys} please do not delay.  Early intervention is the best gift you can give to your child.  Many of our children's pediatricians are ill equipped to diagnose Autism, and in fact if you want insurance to pay for any services, you will have to get diagnosis elsewhere.  Certainly a general pediatrician is a wonderful resource to use as a reference or for guidance to get a medical diagnosis.  You may also try to contact your school district, no matter what age.  My son received services at 2 years of age, before any medical diagnosis.  Lastly, contact a therapy office specializing in Occupational and Speech Therapy for children on the Spectrum, often times they can diagnose or offer guidance. 

Should your child be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, it can be devastating.  I strongly urge you to seek support.  Find an Autism support group/parent of children with disabilities in your area.  Lean on friends and family.  You are the best and often times only advocate for your child.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.   

Autism Support Groups

TACA, Talk About Curing Autism Now {great GFCF reference also} 

Generation Rescue 

Autism Speaks

Autism Resources